Retainly Optin Forms Plugin Completes Lead Generation Portfolio with Marketing Automation

Retainly Optin Forms Plugin Completes Lead Generation Portfolio with Marketing Automation

Retainly announced release of its Official WordPress Plugin targeted for Digital Media companies and Financial Services

Retainly, a marketing automation and user engagement platform, has announced the release of its Official WordPress Plugin — the Retainly Optin Forms. Retainly Optin Forms, therefore, becomes the only plugin with built-in Marketing Automation via Retainly API. Individual bloggers, enterprise content marketers, and lead generation executives can use this new feature to design eye-catching optin forms of different types and with different display options.

Currently, the plugin is completely free and can connect to a Retainly Email Marketing account with a single click and API Key validation. Moreover, Retainly Optin Form does not need any coding skills and can help the blogger to easily customize look and feel from more than 100 form templates.

Capture Leads and Subscriber Information within SaaS Bundle

Like attractive landing web pages, optin forms are a must for digital marketers to capture leads and subscriber information. Unlike other optin forms already available in the WordPress plugin directory, Retainly’s plugin also provides the connected marketing automation tools from its SaaS application. This also helps in keeping the plugin very light and not increasing any processing load on the blog’s server.

The leads captured from the Retainly Optin Form plugin can be automatically sent to the users mapped List or Segment inside Retainly. The user may then also create auto-responders with a download link, or a sequence of time-delayed email campaigns using the Drip marketing feature.

Email List Builders to Acquire New Leads and Subscribers

Retainly’s marketing automation platform has been designed to help B2B and B2C enterprises in increasing their revenues from existing customers. It also helps all Internet Based businesses to create new inbound leads, engage the prospects, and convert them. This WordPress plugin will especially help digital media companies to acquire new leads and subscribers.

Retainly’s WordPress plugins provide 6 types of Email List builders.

Slide In Forms

It slides in at the bottom of your visitor’s screen and can be set to appear after a specific time or point on the page.

Traditional Popup

Set the popup opt-in forms to appear automatically after a specific amount of time, after visitors reach a particular point on your page, or even after visitors leave a comment or make a purchase.

Protected Content

Offering valuable content in exchange for an email address is one of the most effective ways to grow an email list. Protected content forms allow offering content that visitors can “unlock” by opting in.


Forms make it easy. These can be displayed virtually anywhere, such as on any post or page on the website.


For the sidebar, footer, or any other widget areas on the site — be ready with a beautiful opt-in.

Below Content

When visitors read an entire post, they are highly engaged, making this a great way to turn that engagement into a conversion.

Retainly Marketing Automation completes its Lead Generation and Capture portfolio with this WordPress Plugin and is the only email marketing tool that has built-in emoji snippets. Retainly’s email checker helps marketers automatically scan their emails for unintended spam trigger words, a first of its kind software.

Since its release, Retainly has been quite focused on customer service and puts a significant effort to ensure customer success. Retainly is suitable for small business ideas as well as large enterprises.

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