Snappy Kraken Delivers “Snackable Content” for Dynamic, Automated Marketing Make-Over

Visual Market Insights by Snappy Kraken gives the typical financial email newsletter a dazzling, overdue makeover with “snackable content”

Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company that offers SaaS solutions to financial advisors, released a sleek content marketing system last month. The new product — “Visual Market Insights”, is focused on helping financial professionals who want to use relevant, helpful communications to build relationships with clients and prospects in a fresh and modern way, has released a slick new marketing solution that could revolutionize the way advisors generate right-fit conversations in the digital world.

Snappy Kraken’s “Visual Market Insights” system is currently available as an ongoing turnkey subscription, with a 60-day free trial offer.

via Snappy Kraken
via Snappy Kraken

Robert Sofia, Founder and CEO of Snappy Kraken, says —

“If you get right down to it, most people on the receiving end are basically thinking to themselves: Inform me. Dazzle me. Make it Quick. With this in mind, we set out to create a better way to engage people. We are proud to say that we have turned the industry staple for communications – the client newsletter – on its head.”

Rather than bland email newsletters with boilerplate facts, figures, and stock data, the Snappy Kraken communications are fresh, highly visual, and encourage sharing across multiple channels. Plus, the system doesn’t stop at email; Visual Market Insights includes infographics, landing pages, and social media promotions that help financial professionals get the word out.

Closing the Gap in Email Newsletters with Dazzling Content

CEO of Snappy Kraken, Robert Sofia mentions that the latest content management tool is best for financial advisors. Sofia says, “As MarTech professionals, we used our research and experience to determine what people really want from their financial advisor – and those who would like to be their financial advisor – when it comes to periodic communications.

“Frankly, most financial email newsletters are boring, and that’s not good for anybody,” said Angel Gonzalez, CMO for Snappy Kraken. “If clients aren’t interested enough to read it, they’re definitely not going to share it. So, it was a big deal for us to close that gap.”

Grow Email List with Landing Page CTAs and Eye-Catching Updates

To increase the shareability, each Visual Market Insight is just one piece of a larger campaign meant to dazzle clients and prospects while informing them – quickly. Each communication is paired with a related, standalone web page (a landing page); this serves as another source of traffic, readership, and email list growth for financial professionals, while also making it easy for people to link to or share the content via social media.

“Visual Market Insights is also a great prospecting tool,” Angel adds. “Each landing page contains a call-to-action asking the reader to subscribe and thus never miss an update. Each email/infographic/landing page combination is part of a timely, eye-catching campaign that will inform readers, make them smarter, and demystify the facts behind sensational headlines.”

The initial three Visual Market Insights campaigns, which are available now, cover —

  • The effects of President Trump’s tweets on the market
  • The reasons behind the Fed’s rate hike
  • Top threats to running out of money in retirement

Snappy Kraken’s Digital Library for Financial Professionals

New campaigns will be released on a regular basis and stored in Snappy Kraken’s digital library. The highly visual communications are developed by professional creative teams, guided by the industry veterans at Snappy Kraken who understand what financial professionals need and, just as important, what recipients want.

The digital console makes it easy to set up the initial profile for the advisory firm – a few minutes is all it takes. Advisors who subscribe to Visual Market Insights can then access the library and customize the written content using the interactive digital interface, seeing the changes happen right before their very eyes. They can then preview the customized pieces, get everything compliance approved, and easily deploy the campaigns, when the time is right, without the help of a marketing professional or social media wizard.

Personalize, Automate, and Track Marketing Campaigns and Business Processes

Advisors upload their own email lists, which can be modified at any time; there are features that allow the advisor or his/her assistant to select or deselect certain recipients for specific campaigns. More advanced marketing teams can do A/B split testing and pre-schedule campaigns. Easy-to-understand metrics are baked into the package so subscribers can see the results of all campaigns deployed.

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