Everteam Partners With Liferay To Deliver An End-to-End Customer Experience


Everteam Announces Service Partnership with Liferay, An Agreement Providing Mutual Benefits For Both Parties

In the age of ‘Digital Transformation’, businesses and organizations are seeking to make-use of digital technologies to fully impact society in an influential way, while enhancing customer experience in the online and offline world. Everteam saw a collaboration opportunity with Liferay; a partnership that would come with multiple opportunities for both parties. Combining Everteam’s expertise and innovative solutions in the field of Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation and Liferay’s state of the art Digital Experience Platform, this partnership aims at presenting an exceptional customer experience and end-to-end support for customers, partners and employees on their digital journeys.

Everteam, an international content services platform provider with a very well established name and a vast portfolio with top clienteles in MEA, Europe, US, and Asia wanted to enrich its services portfolio by leveraging Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform. This will open new opportunities to create, manage and deliver intuitive websites and intranet sites, modern and personalized portals, seamless user-centered experiences that perform on any device and in every context. On the other hand, Everteam’s strong presence in the Middle East will open many new opportunities for Liferay, who has established a local office in 2016 and is experiencing strong momentum in the region.

This partnership is also expected to generate a new packaged solution combining Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform and Everteam Content Services Platform and Automation Solutions. The objective is to deliver an end-to end integrated customer journey that starts from online channels such as the Web, Internet, or Mobile and ends in Everteam’s back-end content-enabled solutions helping organizations achieve their Digital Transformation Initiatives easily and seamlessly while ensuring great adoption and satisfaction.

Moussalam Dalati
Moussalam Dalati

“In the age of digital transformation, we see our clients as the true heroes who get stuff done. They have to innovate, bring about change and put customers at the center of everything they do. We help them to achieve their goals by providing the right tools and solutions. That’s why we are more than excited about the opportunity to partner with Everteam,” Moussalam Dalati, General Manager, Middle East, Liferay said.

Rony Oneissi
Rony Oneissi

On the other hand, Rony Oneissi, Vice President Expertise & Solutions, Everteam Global Services releases a statement saying, “We are very thrilled to have Liferay onboard as a new technological partner who will be complementing our product offerings in response to the digital transformation trends. We acknowledge the importance of customer experience and it comes by no coincidence that we are looking at strong business collaborations to provide our customers with only the best. “

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