Insight Enterprises Selects TransPerfect To Manage Online & Print Content


Fortune 500 Company and Global Technology Provider Insight Enterprises will Partner with TransPerfect to Support Multilingual Content for EMEA Regions

TransPerfect, the world’s leading provider of language and technology solutions for global business, today announced a partnership with Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 software and information technology company.

Insight Enterprises has selected TransPerfect to manage all online and offline multilingual content for EMEA, using GlobalLink Connect to integrate directly with its Adobe Experience Manager system.

“The next step is to streamline our publishing of content within EMEA markets using best-in-breed translation management technology to accelerate the release of accurate, local content,” commented Alexander Rank, EMEA Director of Digital Marketing & Communications at Insight Enterprises. “In TransPerfect, we have found the ideal partner to support this initiative.”

Liz Elting Transperfect
Liz Elting

Co-CEO Liz Elting remarked, “Insight Enterprises continues to grow its global presence, and we’re excited to be able to provide the technology and services to do that, all within the familiar environment of their existing Adobe Experience Manager platform. Our clients have found the ability to access TransPerfect’s language services through systems and software that their teams already know results in a significant decrease in ramp-up time and an increase in satisfaction and efficiency.”

Phil Shawe, Co-CEO at TransPerfect, commented, “Insight Enterprises is just the most recent customer to benefit from the TransPerfect-Adobe partnership and a technical integration that we’ve been developing and refining for years.  We’re excited to play a role in helping Insight communicate with their customers internationally, not only as a translation services provider, but also by implementing GlobalLink technology to help them manage the initiative in the most efficient manner possible.”

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