Arkadium Brings Artificial Intelligence to Content Generation

Arkadium Brings Artificial Intelligence to Content Generation

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Arkadium Introduces InHabit for Dynamic Content

Arkadium, the New York-based content generation technology provider, has announced the release of an innovative “dynamic” content and visualization platform for publishers. Branded as “InHabit”, Arkadium’s new editorial content technology can read any article and automatically insert interactive media elements for an engaging experience. Content publishers can now deliver interactive content—factives, using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly enhance user interaction and session duration.

via inHabit
via inHabit

How InHabit Works

InHabit by Arkadium is an automated data extraction technology that mines millions of data points from various online sources, including social media, newsrooms and video sharing sites. It helps human editors set basic content layout and leverage AI capabilities to create endless factives into the premium content inventory.

News editors can introduce interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and gaming elements anywhere in the content for a higher retention. The factives will be specifically introduced for sports and political news content, as they contribute the highest numbers of online readers.

According to an information shared by Arkadium-

“More than 40% of users who view a factive click into it, with mobile engagement surpassing desktop by a factor of four. Even better, users who click double their overall session durations. As engagement and loyalty metrics increase, so do revenue opportunities.”

By deploying InHabit, publishers can generate 17% more click-through rates (CTRs) and 100% increase on time spent on the site. According to the content technology provider, readers spent 40 seconds interacting with each factive. On an average, InHabit delivers 1.6 factives per session.

InHabit is Arkadium’s most ROI-centric product for publishers looking to deliver best-in-class customer experience for higher retention and revenue. The company already provides Arena-based content and  Licensed Games to brands and publishers who engage visitors for higher retention, revenue, and loyalty over cross-device platforms.

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