AR/VR Tech Firm Zappar Scoops $3.75 Million; Divulges Plans on Building Exciting Visual Apps

AR/VR Tech Firm Zappar Scoops $3.75 Million; Divulges Plans on Building Exciting Visual Apps

Zappar, the leading app maker using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, has announced that it has acquired $3.75 million in Series A funding from three investors led by Hargreave Hale.  China’s independent app developer – iDreamSky, and world’s first and only Brandtech firm — You & Mr Jones are other investors in Zappar. The fresh funding will help the AR and VR app creation studio to build exciting customer-centric apps for mobile and other display devices and expand its vision in leadership and global presence.

This funding round is another great milestone for the business.” – Caspar Thykier, CEO of Zappar.

“Zappar’s mission is to democratize augmented reality. AR represents an exciting future for consumer engagement connecting devices to the world around us. With this round our established institutional and trade investors lend further credence to this future as we continue towards AR delivering a digital discovery channel through mobile devices and head-mounted displays. This investment will help us further develop ZapWorks: our market leading AR, VR, and now Mixed Reality content creation services that will power the future of consumer interaction and engagement for the next generation of digital developers.”

Zappar’s most popular product – ZapWorks, released in June 2016, demonstrates the company’s capabilities in building enriching AR/VR/MR creative suite. The app building firm will use the funding to accelerate its innovations in the process of creating amazing, interactive short-form content simple yet expressive. The investment from iDreamSky opens floodgates of opportunities for Zappar to expand into the Chinese market, which is also the hub of AI, AR and VR technologies.

The third investor in this recent funding round — You &  is also a leading app investor. It has invested significantly in Niantic, which made 2016’s most popular app Pokémon Go.

“Zappar is a best-in-class business that empowers businesses and creatives to build best-in-class augmented reality experiences,” said George Prest, Partner at You & Mr Jones.

Prest adds, “Since launching ZapWorks earlier this year, the platform’s ease of use, breadth of tools and affordable cost structure have resonated very strongly with the market, resulting in clear belief from us in their business potential. Zappar has what it takes to truly democratize AR creation, and we’re looking forward to the company’s successes.”

2017—the year speculated to be the Big Bang era for immersive content and technologies entering into MarTech mainstream, has already seen brisk action in funding and M&A activities. New players are entering the league of immersive technologies with the vision to provide uncluttered immersive experience on mobile and glasses. Zappar, by virtue of its expertise in the app making business, will be a key player to watch out for in B2B and B2C MarTech ecosystem.

via Digi Capital
via Digi Capital

According to retail commerce experts, advertisings placed on AR platforms drive customer experience. Customers experiencing a product on AR/VR are ready to pay 40% more price compared to other brand placements. Advertisers are rapidly developing Mobile-First and Mobile Commerce strategies to showcase their products. Big funding rounds, like the one Zappar received, will accelerate product innovations in MarTech.

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