BrightEdge Adds New Site Audit and Local Search Capabilities to Drive a Great User Experience

BrightEdge Adds New Site Audit and Local Search Capabilities to Drive a Great User Experience

In 2016, marketers invested $135 billion in creating digital marketing content. The most intriguing part of all that content is that it remains unutilized or underutilized. How can CMOs then trust their content marketing efforts from an ROI-specific point of view without evaluating its efficiency! Enter BrightEdge, the leading enterprise Content Performance Marketing platform. They have just announced two new content marketing technologies – ContentIQ and HyperLocal, showcasing them as the precursors of “next wave of organic search innovation” that drives a great user experience.

BrightEdge’s new site audit and local search capabilities pinpoint opportunities for B2B marketers to accelerate organic search revenue and improve content quality and performance delivering both compelling content and a great user experience across the entire customer journey over multiple formats. There is a definite convergence happening very soon in how content is produced, shared, influenced and consumed across the web, mobile, social, video and programmatic formats. The more CMOs leverage technology for marketing their content, higher will be the churn rate from their martech investments

Every day, billions of data points are created globally in B2B commerce; each of those data points carries the primordial charge to define how well your content marketing strategy will work. In the year that saw the blitzkrieg of video marketing and advertising, B2B marketers are willing to invest in integrating and automating their content marketing performance platforms.

“In a world where visibility and performance are keys to marketing success, BrightEdge ContentIQ and Hyper-Local innovations help search marketers stay ahead of the changing search and content marketing landscape,” said Boaz Ronkin, VP of Product Marketing at BrightEdge. “This is especially important in a mobile-first world where mobile-friendly site structure and mobile specific content are essential for increasing traffic, conversions and revenue.”

Quick Snapshot of BrightEdge’s Latest Innovations  

BrightEdge ContentIQ

BrightEdge Content IQ, conceived as a next-gen site auditing solution, picks the nitty-gritty of your website that affects revenue due to a poor rendering of experience and deficiencies in site’s organic performance. ContentIQ is the only martech solution for content marketing that delivers a comprehensive website audit natively within an SEO platform.

ContentIQ enables you to monitor site performance in an intuitive interface, helping to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity. It is fully integrated into BrightEdge’s Content Performance and SEO platforms, collaborating seamlessly with other in-house content marketing technologies like StoryBuilder and Anomaly Detection.


BrightEdge ContentIQ
BrightEdge ContentIQ

BrightEdge HyperLocal Enhancements

Most marketers attribute the loss of revenue in their content marketing campaigns due to changing SERP benchmarking by Google. In order to bring the best customer experience across different devices connected to various geographical locations, BrightEdge’s HyperLocal innovation offers a high-resolution picture of where, when and how customers prefer to view branded content in organic search results.

Why you need HyperLocal enhancements for your marketing campaigns?

  • To pinpoint search demand and performance across the US and around the world
  • To help marketers understand how topics and content perform for searches conducted in every corner of the globe
  • To track topic and content performance for over 32K US and 36K non-US city search engines
  • To give marketers the ability to track custom locations, like individual retail store addresses, to get an even more granular view of organic performance
via BrightEdge
via BrightEdge

Mobile-First strategy in 2017 will be the most ubiquitous investment in martech. As marketers match steps with what mobile technologies can deliver for customer experience, they also need to check if their content performance lives up to the benchmark too. Web experiences that suit every user’s screen – on mobile and desktop, are responsive and enriching; however, they are not engaging enough to drive revenues through conversions right away. BrightEdge ContentIQ and HyperLocal will drive these conversions through optimized Content Performance Marketing solutions.

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