Viveport™ Arcade: HTC’s Partnership with Leke VR Unlocks the Potential of Immersive Content

Viveport™ Arcade

Tech innovation company HTC Corporation has stepped up its efforts to become the market leader in smart mobile and virtual reality (VR) domain by announcing a new VR content sharing platform. HTC launched its location-based entertainment platform for virtual reality Viveport™ Arcade on December 19. The product is a result of the strategic partnership between Beijing Leke VR Technology Company Limited and HTC. The maiden batch of the exclusive content of Viveport™ Arcade will be made accessible over Beijing Leke VR’s VRLe platform. An offline edition has also been launched.

Viveport™ Arcade is seen as a major step in the VR content ecosystem owing to its collaboration with the VRLe offline content distribution platform that will seek to enrich user experiences and revolutionize the existing VR experience. The arcade will come up in thousands of stores across China and Taiwan by 2017-end.

Viveport™ Arcade by HTC is an important addition to the martech ecosystem considering the impact it is likely to make to the developer support program of Vive. It is designed to create greater opportunities for monetization by enabling Viva to deliver high-quality and diverse VR content. The platform will also allow the customers select a path to upgrade their experience in VR bringing more cash inflow for the content developers.

HTC’s latest out of home Arcade VR platform will also boost its other VR-based content development plans with its ViveX program. The tech innovation company is exploring other opportunities to incentivize its partnership with Valve, and its Vive VR system.

The HTC management is convinced about the business prospects of the strategic partnership between Vive and Leke VR. Visitors in the stores can experience an arcade-style shopping with high-quality content distribution platform of Leke VR, especially across extensive offline channels.

HTC is keen about innovating many more VR-driven content platforms to enhance user experience and also maximize content ROI of developers using “experience stores” or “arcades”.

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