LookBookHQ Expands Intelligent Content Platform with ‘Explore’ And Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Content Platform

LOOKBOOKHQ’s Explore Allows B2B Marketers To Aggregate And Deliver More Relevant Content Per Click At Scale

LookBookHQ has announced the launch of  Explore , a new product within the company’s Intelligent Content Platform that would allow B2B marketers to align with their buyers’ evolving expectations for personalized content destinations, without requiring help from expensive designers or developers. LookBookHQ’s new product would eliminate the need for one-off landing pages and microsites, which can take days or weeks to go live. It gives marketers the ability to quickly and easily deliver intelligent content destinations to buyers.

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‘Explore’ Creates Fully-Customized, Branded, and Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

Nick Edouard
Nick Edouard

Nick Edouard, President and Chief Product Officer at LookBookHQ said, “As more companies adopt account-based marketing strategies, marketing teams are scrambling to deliver tailored content experiences for each unique segment or account.  Now with Explore, marketers can create fully customized, branded, and mobile-optimized landing pages with just a few clicks.”

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By aggregating collections of relevant content together with Explore, marketers can deliver the right content to the right audience, accelerate engagement with that content, and collect visitor intelligence along the way.

Rhonda Wunderlin, Vice President, Marketing Performance, Informa’s Business Intelligence, said, “We’re always testing different content with the different segments of our database, but we can only send so many communications before those audiences become fatigued. These new innovations from LookBookHQ mean that we can deliver more content per click at a scale we’ve never been able to achieve before with our traditional marketing technology stack.”

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Refined Machine Learning Algorithm Driving LookBookHQ’s Intelligent Content Platform

In addition to Explore, LookBookHQ also released improvements to the machine learning algorithm for its Recommend product line. As anonymous visitors engage with marketing, the Intelligent Content Platform develops the topics of interest profile and helps visitors discover content in the same way Netflix recommends movies and television shows. Recommend does the thinking for marketers at scale so they don’t have to guess which content visitors want to consume next.

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