Nintex Empowers Enterprises to Move Beyond Process Automation to Process Optimization


New Nintex Hawkeye® Inventory Lens Delivers Actionable Intelligence and Powerful Process Governance

Nintex, the leader in workflow and content automation, has announced a set of powerful new capabilities in its cloud-based workflow analytics solution, Nintex Hawkeye, which gives customers unprecedented visibility into the operational performance and business impact of their automated business processes.

Nintex Hawkeye enables businesses to quickly analyze, optimize, and govern the digital processes they have automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform. The latest innovation in Hawkeye is the Inventory Lens, a pre-built dashboard that provides actionable insight to business and IT leaders to optimize automated processes.

With Nintex Hawkeye, virtually anyone in the business can unlock the benefits of business process intelligence using the same no code, drag-and-drop design approach as the entire Nintex Workflow Platform, and without reliance on IT.

Nintex CTO Alain Gentilhomme
Nintex CTO Alain Gentilhomme

“It’s a business axiom that you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” says Nintex CTO Alain Gentilhomme. “At Nintex, we take that a step further – you can’t optimize what you don’t measure. If enterprises don’t start moving beyond process automation to focus on optimization, they will not progress on the digital transformation journey.”

Myriad Technologies Founder and CTO James Milne, winner of the 2017 Nintex Partner Award for Process Intelligence, says, “We see the immediate value our customers receive when we design and deliver automated processes with the Nintex Workflow Platform. The addition of the new Inventory Lens for Nintex Hawkeye, adds yet another powerful tool for our enterprise customers as they take the next step in process automation to process optimization.”

One of Myriad and Nintex’s premier customers is Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC), a regional authority in New Zealand, responsible for natural resource knowledge and management. Myriad has helped HBRC to utilize the full capabilities of the Nintex platform to deliver business solutions and realize immediate efficiencies.

“We’ve become more agile as a business; paperwork is now digitized, business processes are streamlined, and day-to-day processes are automated to make our staff more efficient,” says Anthony Gouder, Digital Transformation Team Lead for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. “By automating our processes with Nintex workflows and forms and optimizing them with Nintex Hawkeye, we have freed up about six full-time equivalent positions, which allows our staff to focus on more important strategic work like the impact climate change will have on our regions resources.”

Advance Preview for the new Inventory Lens will start in October, with general availability following in November. The Inventory Lens will deliver significant innovation in process governance of the Nintex Workflow Platform. This lens gives Nintex customers deep visibility into their automated processes, including process performance and runtime characteristics, so they can make informed management decisions.  Process optimization often requires answers to not just one question but dozens. Accordingly, in its initial release, the Inventory Lens addresses three main topics:

  • Governance – know where, how often, and how smoothly workflows are running, across all environments to know which ones require attention.
  • Assess Expertise – understand workflow ownership and designer proficiency throughout the organization.
  • Workflow Status – discover the reach and impact of workflows, then drill into specifics of action usage and status trends.
“Many organizations have little knowledge about how many processes and workflows they use to run their business, much less how well they are performing,” says Carl Lehmann Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “Tools like the Nintex Hawkeye Inventory Lens provide the visibility needed to enable awareness and help improve business operations.”


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