SnapApp Reveals How to Better Scoring and Targeted Nurturing Using Interactive Insights

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SnapApp is among the first partners to join the Marketo Accelerate and reveal the influence Millennial Buyers have on the sales cycle

In the second of the five-part series, we examine how SnapApp looks at Marketo Accelerate as an engaging opportunity for customers to address the gaps in their B2B marketing and sales strategies.

Last month, leading engagement marketing software company, Marketo announced the first set of MarTech partners to join its Marketo Accelerate ProgramSnapApp, a leading content creation platform for leading B2B companies, is among the five MarTech companies who have joined the Marketo Accelerate program. The announcement came barely weeks after SnapApp released the Millennial Buyers’ Guide for B2B.

Better Scoring and More Targeted Nurturing: This Partnership is About Engagement with Interactive Experiences

We spoke to Aaron Dun, SVP of Marketing at SnapApp, to understand how customers would benefit from their decision to join Marketo Accelerate.

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Aaron Dun

According to Aaron, this partnership would bring deeper integration and more targeted insights for marketing teams that use SnapApp and Marketo across the buyer’s journey. Aaron said, “Customers using SnapApp are now able to collect key insights about prospects that engage with interactive experiences and feed those insights directly into Marketo for better scoring and more targeted nurturing.”


Just-in Time Content Marketing Key to More Conversions

Interactive content is the key to B2B sales enablement and customer engagement. Aaron explained how SnapApp within Accelerate program would ensure more conversions and ROI for the MarTech customers.

Aaron said, “So much of buying research happens long before prospects make contact with a sales team — content has to work overtime to get in front of prospective customers before they narrow down their choices. This is especially important as we see today’s buying committee becoming more diverse – Millennial buyers are on the rise, and as notorious “sales avoiders,” it’s even more important to provide content to support their research.”

Closely following what the report mentioned about millennial buyers being largely self-driven and are looking for solutions that solve individual problems before teams, Aaron addressed how SnapApp brings interactive content directly at the marketer’s fingertips. He said, “The rich data that is gathered through SnapApp’s interactive content is mapped directly into Marketo, meaning you can qualify (or disqualify) prospects faster, and inform downstream marketing. Additionally, when your sales team does reach out to a prospect, they can come into the interaction better prepared.”

Marketo Accelerate: A Formidable Force

According to the Millenial Buyers Guide, 45% of the respondents are likely to start their research on a company with social media.

Marketo brings a feasible, growing platform for Millennial, Baby Boomers and Generation X buyers, enabling them to “develop a community of partners that work together seamlessly to create comprehensive martech stacks that deliver real results for marketers.”

Aaron further added, “Marketo’s Accelerate program is unique, as bringing together a diverse group of rapidly growing applications means unparalleled integrations for users.”

Thanks to the diverse and highly multi-functional community of MarTech partners within Accelerate, marketers would be able to “build an integrated, comprehensive marketing tech stack that provides in-depth insights, engaging content and better ROI on campaigns.”

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