Now Do More with Less: Click2Mail Launches Integration With Over 750 Workflow Web Apps via Zapier

Now Do More with Less: Click2Mail Launches Integration With Over 750 Workflow Web Apps via Zapier

With a few clicks, businesses can now automate the sending of physical mail from within their own business processes

Click2Mail, a cloud-based software for small business, recently announced its integration with popular business apps, enabled through an additional integration with Zapier. Business apps like Office 365, Zoho, Google G-Suite, Zendesk, WuFoo, and others can now be integrated centrally with Zapier if it’s an existing workflow automation tool.

Integrating with over 750 apps, Zapier currently enables users to build custom workflows that automate time-consuming tasks by sending information to and from their favorite apps. Click2Mail founder and CEO Lee Garvey identified the benefits of providing integration within Zapier app ecosystem. He says, “Turnkey automation of business processes with web apps gives small and medium businesses a strategic advantage – they can move faster and do more with less.”

Now, with Zapier, any size business can instantly integrate Click2Mail’s powerful on-demand postal mail functions into their marketing or transactional workflow through hundreds of popular web applications – all without a developer’s help.

Through no-code Zapier automation, events (or Triggers) in a primary app can automatically create actions in other apps, enabling users to build custom workflows. Click2Mail customers can connect to leading marketing automation tools, office productivity and CRM platforms using one of many prepackaged Zaps — automation created using defined triggers and actions between apps — or by creating Zaps.

Prepackaged Zaps available from Click2Mail today include —

– auto-mailing personalized postcards when new rows are added to a Google Sheet

– auto-mailing letters to new survey respondents on SurveyMonkey

– auto-sending welcome letters from Click2Mail to new leads on Zoho CRM

Customized integrations and automation can also be created if needed.


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