Insite Adds New Mobile App for B2B Sales and Service within InsitePortfolio

Insite Adds New Mobile App for B2B Sales and Service within InsitePortfolio

InsitePortfolio now delivers B2B product catalogs and digital collateral within a branded mobile experience

Insite Software, a leading B2B commerce platform, has announced major new features for InsitePortfolio including a fully branded, configurable native application. Insite’s new app provides assigned users with a searchable, single source for job-specific digital content and product catalogs, as well as built-in presentation and sharing tools.

The advanced features of InsitePortfolio deliver the first unified commerce experience to fully support the unique characteristics of the B2B buying and selling environment. Users can actually control the experience, consequently, the platform presents only what’s relevant to them and their customers.

Streamlined Content Management with Enhanced Analytics

InsitePortfolio is an enterprise digital delivery SaaS platform that provides content insights and tools for the ultimate customer experience. It is a single source of truth for all product, sales, marketing and education materials with built-in presentation and sharing tools. Marketers can use it for a ‘searchable’ single-source of digital content, offline access, consistent message and branding, flexible content organization, annotation and sharing of content assets, and controlled access to content by the group, role, and region.

InsitePortfolio is supported on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10+ for the web, and iOS, Android, and Windows10 for mobile devices.  Built specifically for B2B manufacturers and distributors, InsitePortfolio empowers marketing and sales teams with streamlined content management and distribution capabilities reinforced with enhanced analytics capabilities to measure ROI and user adoption.

“To meet the new requirements of our mobile B2B workforce, merely providing a responsive application is not enough. Manufacturing and distribution brands must be represented across all commerce channels, both online and offline, from e-commerce to traditional sales and service,’ said Steve Shaffer, CEO of Insite Software.

New and enhanced features of InsitePortfolio include —

Digital Product Catalog

The new Digital Product Catalog lets assigned users to browse and search customized product categories, sub-categories, and product pages. Users can also filter or sort information by available criteria to locate specific products much more rapidly. Information is made available based on relevance to specific audiences, reducing the need to search massive amounts of data.

Presentation and Sharing

InsitePortfolio provides a fully branded end-user experience as well as PDF annotation, email sharing and templates, and convenient playlists that create unique sets of existing content. Contact records residing in Salesforce can be made available to the platform, allowing for updates on CRM activity. My Portfolio allows end users to access and manage a complete content portfolio for organization and sharing purposes.

Content Management and Organization

Administrative users may now access advanced search capabilities via sophisticated filters as wells as create custom content and portfolio fields for targeted audiences. Content updates can be applied in real-time and deployed immediately to all end users.

Custom Analytics

InsitePortfolio provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, from user activity detail and summary to customer activity. In addition, reports are available for item views, and custom reports may be requested and generated as needed depending on customers’ unique needs. An admin dashboard displays vital information including user activity and most popular items.

InsitePortfolio’s core functionality is also available offline across all native application platforms.

Learning Management System to support B2B sales

InsitePortfolio also provides management and delivery of learning assets including just-in-time learning and support, and a sophisticated Learning Management System with the role- and task-based training designed for continual knowledge growth. Enterprise content managers can choose to utilize Insite’s revolutionary technology that integrates with leading ERP, PIM and other popular solutions common in the B2B industry. Add-on features include quizzing, surveys, custom learning modules, and others that support B2B sales and support functions.

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