Pyze , the 2016 Mobile Trailblazer Unveils New Omni-Platform Integrations for Web and Mobile App Developers

Pyze Marketing Automation
Pyze Marketing Automation

Pyze, the leading contextual mobile and app marketing platform, has unveiled two new integrations for fast-growing web and mobile app development platforms. The latest enhancements allow mobile and web app publishers to organically grow their user base by automated segmentation, personalization, engagement, and conversion. These integrations will now be part of Xamarin, React Native, tvOS, watchOS and CMS Platforms, delivering omni-platform intelligence and marketing automation capabilities for an accelerated growth.

Dickey Singh CEO and Co-Founder of Pyze
Dickey Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Pyze

“We started Pyze with the mission of providing sophisticated intelligence and marketing tools to app publishers of all sizes and today’s announcement is a testament to that commitment. Our expanded platform support is a direct response to increased requests for integration with the fastest-growing mobile app development platforms,” said Dickey Singh, co-founder and CEO of Pyze.

“We’re committed to making Pyze Growth Intelligence capabilities available to additional development platforms and welcome mobile and web app developers to tell us what platforms to support next.”

Pyze, by integrating with the fastest-growing platforms in the web and mobile app development industry, intends to offer an expanded ecosystem that provides app publishers with a unified view of users and the ability to leverage Pyze’s capabilities on all major platforms and channels. The new API integrations will also support developer platforms, allowing publishers to include iOS, iMessage Apps, Android and SaaS, in addition to monitoring user behavior to develop intelligence models. App publishers can also build fully-functional contextual marketing campaigns with personalized engagements and experiences across the mentioned platforms.

As companies increasingly look to adopt Mobile-First strategy, Pyze capabilities will come handy in developing monetized campaigns with minimal coding and configuration.

via Tech Trailblazer
via Tech Trailblazers

Founded in 2013, Pyze has already moved to the leadership position for business intelligence platforms that also provide contextual marketing and automation capabilities. At the recently concluded Tech Trailblazers event, which is a Global Enterprise IT Startup Awards Program, Pyze Growth Intelligence platform was recognized as the winner in Mobile Trailblazer category. At the same event, CEO of Pyze, Dicky Singh was awarded won the Male Tech Trailblazer of the Year award.

As the app market heats up with the introduction of programmatic videos and AI capabilities, Pyze’s role in delivering business intelligence platforms for omnichannel marketing will be very crucial from martech angle.

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