Salesforce’s Quip Acquires Designer Studio Unity&Variety; Plans to Build Next-Gen Productivity Tools

Salesforce's Quip Acquires Designer Studio Unity&Variety; Plans to Build Next-Gen Productivity Tools

Quip, the content collaboration platform that Salesforce acquired in August 2016, now has a new team of designers and visualizers in their company. Quip has announced the acquisition of Unity&Variety, Inc., a designer firm which includes former Facebook designers like Joey Flynn, Drew Hamlin, and Andy Chung. The acquisition was announced via Twitter. At Quip, the start-up designer studio will work towards building the “next generation of productivity tools”.

Unity&Variety, founded in 2015 by Facebook veterans Joey Flynn, Drew Hamlin and Andy Chung, has built one public app so far, called Pinchworm.  The designer studio brought the idea of mental gymnastics into app segment through Pinchworm. The app climbed to top rankings in the iOS app store with over 100,000 active users in the very first week. At Quip, the designer studio will add visual interfaces and creative elements, providing live editing and chatting features to users.

Founders Flynn and Hamlin have previously worked with Bret Taylor, CEO of Quip, at Facebook. The team worked on the Facebook Timeline. Taylor acknowledged that the startup designer studio has some of the best product designers he has worked with so far.

Quip CEO’s Facebook post revealed, “Kevin and I are beyond excited to announce that the incredible design team at Unity&Variety is joining Quip to help us build the next generation of productivity tools.”

“I am psyched to have the opportunity to work with Joey and Drew again. Some of the best product designers I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to see how they transform Quip.”

Unity&Variety, Inc. posted a short note on their website, following the acquisition.

“Here at Unity&Variety we’ve been cranking on some new productivity tools. We’re hyped to announce that starting today we’ll be continuing our work with our talented friends over at Quip, a Salesforce company.”

From a gaming app studio to a full-blown Salesforce designer team, Unity&Variety bring with them remarkable visual designing experience, especially from their stint at Facebook. Flynn and Hamlin worked intensely on the redesigning of Messenger and Slingshot. Quip will benefit substantially from the designer studio’s creative insights, especially when it comes to the class functionalities of mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Salesforce acquired Quip to boost productivity into all its products, aiming to combine IoT Cloud, Salesforce1 mobile app, Einstein and Quip into “one-platform” approach. Acquisition of Unity&Variety will enable Salesforce to build enriching customer experience based on the personalization feature. Quip’s new team is expected to accelerate universal adoption of the Salesforce 1 platform.

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