StatX Raises $2.5 Million from 3 Investors; Launches Universal B2B Notification App for Mobile

StatX Raises $2.5 Million from 3 Investors; Launches Universal B2B Notification App for Mobile

StatX, the leading provider of business intelligence and collaborations solutions, announced that it has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from three investors, led by Signia Venture Partners. The analytics technology firm confirmed via press release that they have also unveiled a universal mobile notification app for B2B collaboration. The Santa Clara, California-based company plans to allocate rest of the seed fund for product development and commercial distribution.


Prasad Raje, CEO, and co-founder of StatX says, “StatX helps businesses answer the question – what just changed in my business? By monitoring, understanding and being aware of change, businesses everywhere are more informed… And when you are more informed you can take action that drives your business forward.”

Prasad Raje via LinkedIn
Prasad Raje, CEO StatX, via LinkedIn

The latest StatX app ensures that you do not miss critical business info by instantly delivering business updates to a single app on mobile from virtually any information system, which may otherwise be lost while communicating through legacy methods of email, chat, and dashboards.

On what led to a realization of this innovation, Pablo Bellver, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of StatX, enlightens us by recounting his past experiences at work. He says, “When I was at Google, a few co-workers and I created Google Now to provide consumers relevant information at the right time. At StatX, we believe that business updates should find you instead of the other way around.”

With StatX, you can link to data coming in from QuickBooks (number 1 rated small businesses accounting software) and receive push notifications on the go in a custom fashion. You can choose to receive notices on daily financial metrics, like cash or accounts receivable, or get the results of a marketing campaign shared by your marketing person via MailChimp. You can also receive notifications from Google Tasks when an assistant completes tasks. StatX can be integrated with Zapier, Github, Google Task, Google Sheets, QuickBooks accounting, Xero Accounting, Tesla, MailChimp, WordPress, Toggl, and REST API.

B2B marketers who have used StatX app admit that automated updates and instant notifications on mobile help collaborate better anytime, anyplace. This automatically translates into higher customer success with clients.

The StatX app brings the superlative visual element into collaboration tools, clearing the frustration team members to face collaborating virtually. Each user can easily consume the information he or she needs at one glance. The “stat” visually represents metrics that matter to a user.  Whenever there’s a change, the user is notified via push notifications like news. The stat can be created and updated interactively on mobile or linked to data in most software systems.

Zaw Thet, tech investor and partner at Signia Venture Partners sounded upbeat about the funding that enabled StatX to launch its latest app. Thet says, “StatX is blazing a trail in the market as the first mobile-only enterprise SaaS app. Any SaaS system can now add a native mobile experience with StatX and enhance the ability to respond instantly to any change.”

“Business data is in so many systems; StatX bridges the gap between any data and the executive who needs to see it,” said Kanwal Rekhi, Managing Director at Inventus, which is also an investor in StatX. He adds, “StatX lets you have one app for all your business systems.”

XSeedCapital is the third investor in StatX. As per the latest update from StatX, Kanwal Rekhi and Zaw Thet have joined the StatX Board.

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