StdLib Announces Investment from Slack to Enable Enterprise API Integrations


Polybit Inc., the company behind the Standard Library of the Internet (StdLib) has announced an investment from Slack, the popular messaging platform, just weeks after securing $2M in seed financing. Slack recently announced StdLib among the newest companies in the Slack Fund, an investment portfolio focused around increasing the value of the Slack platform and ecosystem.

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The goal of the investment is to help solidify Slack’s place as the “operating system of businesses.” By leveraging the Function as a Service (FaaS) technology StdLib provides, Slack developers can quickly ship Slack applications without managing servers. Once these Slack Apps are set up, they can seamlessly plug into any of the “server-less” APIs within StdLib’s platform.

What is StdLib? It’s the easiest way to ship software and build APIs: developers only have to think about writing code and running a single command to deploy it. Imagine if AWS Lambda and GitHub had a child, then asked NPM and Twilio to be the godparents — scalable microservices with no server administration, easy command line management, version immutability, service discovery, and the ability to charge customers for premium services you’ve built on a per-request basis.

“We’re happy to see such explosive growth in the Function as a Service space – developers have already deployed over 2,000 Slack Apps using StdLib alone,” said Keith Horwood, founder and CEO of StdLib. “It’s great to see so many players congregating around functions as first-class citizens to ship business value. With players like Twilio and PubNub announcing their own Functions offerings, we’re very humbled to be at the epicenter of the largest shifts in software development in the past decade and we’re excited to be working with Slack in this space.”

Danielle Morrill of Mattermark has also been added to the growing list of industry supporters for StdLib as an investor, where she joins Chad Fowler (creator of RubyGems) at BlueYard Capital, Aston Motes (employee #1 at Dropbox) and Mike Miller (founder of Cloudant) and his investing partner, Joe Montana among others.

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