Curate Mobile Ltd Launches Fraud Detection and Prevention Services With Custom Parameters

Curate Mobile Ltd Launches Fraud Detection and Prevention Services With Custom Parameters

Mobile Advertising Company Curate Mobile Ltd Has Released A New Method For The Early Detection And Prevention Of Advertising Fraud

Curate Mobile Ltd has released a dynamic new feature for mobile advertising clients to combat the systemic problem of questionable traffic, resulting in superior traffic sources. By monitoring inventory in real time, advertisers will be assured that the quality of their inventory is on par with media dollars spent. When the detection of questionable activity is triggered, through custom parameters specified to each advertiser’s needs, the source is restricted and an immediate alert is transmitted.

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Marc Porcelli
Marc Porcelli

Advertisers can proactively block traffic for a specific supply source, including sub-sources, as well as selected keywords in the URL or domains that are threats to inventory quality. There is also the capability to filter and block specific supply sources using criteria such as geolocation, operating system or the offer level conversion window. “This is a leap beyond simply relying on just the advertiser’s attribution. The mobile ecosystem has historically been very reactive versus proactive – which we are now able to do at the specific source level. Our custom rules can be defined on the actual offer level as opposed to the advertiser level,” says Marc Porcelli, Founder and CEO, Curate Mobile.

Recent studies show that app install fraud is at 7.8% across the globe. Fraudulent impressions within an advertising network contribute to fluctuating media prices.

Where mobile attribution has historically fallen short of protecting advertisers, Curate Mobile has taken a proactive approach to safeguard high-performance inventory. Curate Mobile Ltd’s Third Party technology evaluates the quality and consistency of mobile traffic in advertising campaigns (CPC, CPI, CPA, etc). Also, it helps to investigate issues with low quality traffic, giving a report as an independent expert. Their real-time reporting evaluates traffic in many dimensions by taking into consideration mobile-specific parameters: emulators, install-bot farms, device-spoofing, proxy unmasking, etc.

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