Brabble Integrates *Star Tags in Its Products in an Attempt to Revolutionize E-Commerce

The Company Will Integrate *Star Tags and Re-launch Its Own Social Media Application in December 2018.* Star Tags Technology Will Be Made Available to Marketers Sometime in 2019

A New-York based start-up with its own social media mobile application, Brabble is exploring a space that is currently dominated by mega-brands such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Brabble’s social media platform is at par with what users may expect from any social medium. Audio, video, images, and text are all supported appropriately on the platform.

However, Brabble has that one unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. Known as *Star Tags, it’s the company’s patented software that extends Brabble’s platform scope to encapsulate the e-commerce domain. Launched in July this year, *Star Tags are embeddable links that can be inserted into digital advertisements. These embedded posts can be easily shared across social mediums.

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What *Star Tags does is gather information about a consumer’s:

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Demographics

This critical data can be used by sellers to identify pain points in their current marketing campaigns, and, as such optimize them. They can also leverage this data for product development and expand their inventory.

Brabble plans to extend *Star Tags to the marketers so that they can take advantage of this functional software and initiate great marketing endeavors. *Star Tags will be released outside Brabble circa 2019. This service can be availed through a SaaS model at a subscription fee.

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Speaking about *Star Tags, the CTO of Brabble, Amit Okhandiar, said, “*Star Tags is a revolutionary product that enhances online sales for any company or seller by targeting three areas of focus: one, increasing the sellers’ audience with the network-to-network sharing capabilities; two, collecting data on all customers to re-gather products of interest; three, simplifying the shopping process by providing minimum click transactions and allowing shoppers to enter confidential shipping and credit card info only once.”

Patrick Mackaronis, Founder and Director of Business Development at Brabble, said, “The *Star Tags product is the missing piece for any company that sells products online. It will drive not only their sales and revenue, but also brand visibility, which is the name of the game today in digital marketing.”

*Star Tags is an authentic, organic and futuristic technology that looks promising to ease out e-commerce roadblocks. However, with consumer privacy becoming a burning issue and with GDPR, *Star Tags might just have to adapt according to industry needs.

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