Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces “NFT Listening Party” App

Host Web3-Enabled Listening Parties From Your Link in Bio

Koji, the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform and the leading app store for social media, today announced the release of NFT Listening Party, a new app for musicians to create NFT-gated listening experiences for their superfans.

With NFT Listening Party, artists can give fans early access to their latest beats, songs, albums, and more. Configuring the app is as easy as uploading an audio file, setting availability dates, and specifying the NFT required for fans to listen. Using Koji’s innovative Web3 Bridge, the app seamlessly supports ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs on both Ethereum and Polygon. When paired with KojiPay’s Web3 Wallet, the Web3-powered fan experience has never been easier or more intuitive to use.

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After a fan unlocks the app using the required NFT, they are able to listen to the specified audio file once, from start to finish with no replays, creating a unique and powerful listening experience.

“NFT Listening Party takes advantage of KojiPay’s Web3 services layer to bring the power of Web3-enabled music to mainstream fans inside every social network, with no wallets or plugins to install. We are excited to further explore the ways in which the Koji Platform facilitates all kinds of new experiences for creators and their audiences,” said Sean Thielen, Koji co-founder.

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