Kochava Alerting: Industry’s First Real-Time Notification Tool for In-App Marketers

Kochava Alerting: Industry's First Real-Time Notification Tool For In-App Marketers

Mobile app tracking platform Kochava introduced a cutting-edge mobile attribution feature – Kochava Alerting to enable marketers with custom alerts and campaign notifications. The new tool is based on dynamic alerting technology which tracks and notifies marketers about campaign performance and data anomalies in real time.

Powered by real-time data visualization with 360-degree perspective running on Kochava Intelligence, Alerting provides marketers with exemplary network integrations across various app marketplaces and websites, including Facebook, Google, Pandora and Amazon. The latest mobile app marketing tracker is able to match the identifiers across different devices, enabling publishers to attribute their campaigns accurately and report the results to advertisers with unbiased, actionable insights. In mobile app marketing, attribution refers to various user events – app install, repeat app launch, in-app purchase and iBeacon interaction.

Kochava offers a full range of mobile attribution and analytics solutions on a dedicated account management platform. The company also offers unique cost-free Free App Analytics campaign measurement and optimization platform, providing highly granular, real-time, actionable campaign insight for the largest advertisers in the world.

Kochava Alerting offers deep level integration support via seamless configuration with Kochava SDK. Kochava Alerts can be configured based on conversion metrics like click-to-install ratios. By integrating with a single SDK, marketers can significantly reduce the complexities involved in campaign attribution along the customer life cycle. Kochava Alerting leverages other platform features offered by the company, including iBeacon detection, identity linking, and onboarding links.

“We continue to deploy the most innovative tools in the marketplace in response to our customers’ needs for instant notifications and monitoring of their campaigns to stay ahead of the competition,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava, in a statement. “Because in the real world, moments can mean millions to them.”

Charles Manning added, “We design our tools to simplify the jobs of marketers. With Alerting, we wanted to facilitate and automate the way marketers monitor their campaigns.”

Kochava Alerting is fully customizable with a high threshold value to accommodate conversion, revenue or click volume. It can be further modified with SQL scripts in Query, providing a unique, flexible platform for true mobile app attribution of paid mobile app marketing campaigns.

Marketers can access notification and alerts through Slack, email, voice call, SMS and PagerDuty. Each alert can be categorized into Low, Medium, and High importance, based on the degree of impact and level of attention received.

The introduction of Kochava Alerting affirms the accelerated growth trend witnessed in the mobile marketing app industry in recent months. Kochava Alerting performs unique identifier matching in an automated manner using device fingerprinting, comparing clicks to installs instead of relying on manual app-to-app and web-to-app tracking attribution based on cookie IDs and pixel tagging. Together with Alerting, Kochava has also developed True LTV analytics tool to enable partner networks to report real time revenues from in-app ads.

In December 2016, Screen6 announced its strategic partnership with Kochava, enabling its partners to expand their private identity analytics beyond their existing data sets. Kochava rolled out Kochava Collective to provide mobile app advertisers a rich target-focused independent mobile data marketplace.

The Kochava Collective boasts of having secured over 500 million unique device IDs, in addition to an enriched pool of app metadata acquired via in-app activities like registration, purchase, level completion and shopping cart events.

Integration of Kochava Collective and Alerting spells the arrival of true mobile app attribution, ensuring highest ROI delivery. Media partners will derive the benefits of improved ad targeting, increased ad visibility and discoverability and enhanced revenue based on real-time attribution and reporting analytics.

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