YouAppi Post-Pandemic Growth Continues

YouAppi, a leading global marketing platform for the world’s largest mobile brands, announced that its string of strong revenue growth since the pandemic began has continued over the first half of 2022 and is forecasted to double by 2023.

YouAppi saw record growth in 2022, having already beaten their entire FY21 revenue numbers in the first half of 2022. YouAppi’s CEO, Moshe Vaknin, credits the company’s R&D team and the way YouAppi’s technology has been optimized — particularly with the platform’s branding performance campaigns — as some of the main reasons for the company’s success.

“The mobile marketing ecosystem has been at least partially driven by concerns about privacy this year. That has been challenging for many. We are proud of our ability to maintain our growth despite it all,” says Vaknin. “Up and down our organization we’ve done an amazing job increasing performance through our purpose-built ML fueled by diverse data. That has been a key factor driving our success.”

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Many in the mobile space experienced a post-Covid boost. With normal life returning there were legitimate concerns that some of the gains made by mobile apps during the pandemic would be lost as mobile usage patterns reverted to pre-pandemic norms. Yet, despite this fear, mobile app growth has continued to grow — led by the gaming space, which is expected to grow 2.1 percent overall this year.

“This comes down to the nature of mobile app users in the face of larger macroeconomic factors,” adds Vaknin. “People will continue to use mobile devices as an escape and gaming will be the prime beneficiary.” ​​

Another factor driving the marketing platform’s success in 2022 has been growth with eCommerce apps. The eCommerce space in general has continued to mature and move beyond simply acting as a price comparison engine for consumers.

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eCommerce apps are now an integral part of the purchasing journey and with the upcoming holiday spending season approaching— where almost half the transactions that are forecasted for the year will happen — YouAppi is poised to build upon its success even further.

“There were definite post-pandemic tailwinds for eCommerce apps, particularly as shops optimized for mobile to take advantage of the huge uptick in mobile device usage,” notes YouAppi CMO, Nancy Roberts. “The space is that much more crowded now and— with the holiday season upon us— finding ways to differentiate through personalized messaging and retargeting will continue to be big drivers for eCommerce apps going forward.”

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