AdMaster Joins Hands with Tencent MIG to Tackle Mobile Marketing Fraud

AdMaster and Tencent MIG comes together to fight ad fraud

Leading marketing data technology company, AdMaster entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent MIG, a renowned mobile internet group, to tackle fraudulent traffic in mobile marketing.

Together they established “The Anti Ad-Fraud Big Data Lab” that enhances the evaluation process of mobile advertising by detecting and diagnosing the presence of invalid traffic and fraudulent ads. This promotes a safe digital marketing environment for brands and the industries.

In China alone, AdMaster’s advertising measurement solution covers over 95% of the country’s handheld devices. This enabled the organization to build extensive technologies and extract vast amounts of information on -fraud ads. AdMaster has the expertise to tackle fraudulent ads which help marketers benefit from increased advertising efficiency. It has developed several anti-fraud technologies like BlueAir (traffic filtering module in TrackMaster), VOA (verification of advertising for content-targeting buy) and SNAP (ad verification and screen capture tool).

The role of ‘Beacon’

Tencent MIG manages ‘Beacon’ that covers 900 million active devices in China. It operates a massive library of accurate IP addresses, which include a range of cell phone models. ‘Beacon’ is empowered with immense data analytics capabilities, which allows it to provide precise analytics and identification across all device IDs and their corresponding consumer behavioral journey.

Beacon’s capacity of precise ID recognition and behavioral data further intensifies AdMaster BlueAir’s efficiency of analyzing traffic quality and filtering out the invalid ads.

Zeng Yu, Vice President of Tencent, said, “Tencent Beacon has profound experience in combating fraud with advanced technology. Supported by its 900 million active user database and a library of hundreds of billions of blacklisted devices, Tencent’s anti-fraud solution is empowered by its strong capabilities in device feature recognition, having passed through multiple product validations.  We are here to provide public services for the industry by purifying the digital advertising environment. Tencent Beacon will bring tangible solutions that will contribute to the healthy development of the Internet industry.”

Tenly Wu, Chief Product Officer of AdMaster said, “Invalid traffic has always been the pain point of the advertising industry. This strategic alliance of AdMaster with Tencent MIG and the establishment of ‘The Anti Ad-Fraud Big Data Lab’ will provide the best platform for both of us to create the largest value for advertisers by leveraging our technological know-how and experience.”


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