Gameloft and Moat improve mobile Viewability Measurement and Attention Analytics

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Gameloft Advertising Solutions has joined hands with Moat to improve the view-ability measurement and attention analytics across mobile advertising networks. Moat will help view and measure third party transactions on Gameloft’s mobile advertising network. Mobile phones are easily the most accessed digital screen now and Gameloft and Moat are banking on this popularity.

The new strategy has been developed to meet the growing demand of brand advertisers. Ever since smartphones became popular, advertisers have wanted to increase their view-ability. But it’s easier said than done because advertisers are constantly worried about their brand image and it’s not an easy task to make advertisements look good. The growing concern prompted Gameloft and Moat to come up with a solution.


About Gameloft and Moat

Gameloft promo mediaGameloft is an advertisement provider and is viewed by over 140 million people worldwide. It offers advertisers great connectivity options with viewers. It has provided more than 2000 campaigns to top companies which include Coca-Cola®, Kellogg’s®, McDonalds, Samsung and Unilever. It has presence in over 40 countries. It is one of the best advertisement providers and many companies have expressed satisfaction at Gameloft’s advertisement services.

New York based Moat is a SaaS analytics company that focuses on product building for premium publishers and brand advertisers. Moat Analytics, one of their prime services is an attention measurement platform that analyzes website inventories, ad campaigns and provides insight into them. Moat Pro is an ad intelligence platform that provides real-time data for publishers, marketers and agencies.

What it means for brand advertisers

In the last couple of years, the world of mobile ads has increased exponentially and with the continued growth it is expected to exceed desktop in terms of ad viewing. Spending on mobile ads is expected to rise to $166 million by 2018.

Brand advertisers are not only excited with the new prospect but they are also keen on learning how it is going to affect their image. One of the important things that brand advertisers are wary of is the transparency and view-ability of their brand. Gameloft’s advertisement service with Moat’s analysis is the perfect combination any advertiser could ask for. Brand advertisers are eager to see how the new strategy is going to change the face of ad campaigns and marketing.

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