Hotmob Launches ALCANZAR: A Safety-First Demand Side Platform with Smart Bidding Algorithms and Price Optimization

Hotmob Launches ALCANZAR: A Safety-First Demand Side Platform with Smart Bidding Algorithms and Price Optimization

Alcanzar is a managed, safety-first demand side platform driven by smart algorithm bidding, contextual ranking and adopted brand protection strategy

HotMobHotmob, the leading hybrid mobile advertising platform, today announced the launch of a brand-safe Demand Side Platform (DSP). Branded as ALCANZAR, the new safety-first DSP will offer media buying agencies with high-quality and transparent advertising ecosystem.

ALCANZAR Applies Pre-Bid and Post-Bid Screening for Brand Safety

Hotmob developed a proprietary safety-first DSP named ALCANZAR with a focus on providing quality inventory, safeguarding brands by applying category filters and content parameters to measure whether a publisher’s content meets the brand’s specific needs.

Alcanzar Features via Hotmob

Both pre-bid and post-bid screening are applied to increase brand safety controls by allowing advertisers to screen the URL or site section, therefore offering more transparency on where ads are running.

Hotmob Tightens Noose around Malvertising with New DSP

ALCANZAR by Hotmob makes its debut amidst a very precarious advertising ecosystem, haunted by the malice of malvertising, fake news, and nasty political content. In the wake of recent reports on display and videos ads running next to unsafe content on YouTube, major brands and media buying agencies reacted by suspending their advertising budget from Google’s programmatic solutions.

As a result of brand safety concerns, Hotmob launched the unique safety-first DSP to address such issue by customizing its brand protection strategy for advertisers.

Hotmob CEO Johnny Wong says, “We understand how important brand safety is for brands and advertisers as we have over 10 years of experience in managing and serving premium digital advertising. We have a whitelist established with hand-picked apps and websites to ensure ads are delivered in a safe environment through our DSP.”

ALCANZAR Adds Value with Smart Bidding Algorithms and Price Optimization

One of the unique features of ALCANZAR is that ad inventories are purchased in real time with smart bidding algorithms and price optimization. That is, only the necessary impressions are purchased at the best possible price point. The DSP platform adopts contextual ranking powered by artificial intelligence technology to analyze millions of ad inventory in apps and websites. Then, it determines the most relevant placement to a brand’s product or service.

Media Exchanges supported by Alcanzar
Media Exchanges supported by Alcanzar

Advertisers can access more than 10 billion ad slots each day from multiple inventory sources across major global ad exchanges. The list including Google, YouTube, Smaato, Pinyou, and more. Online display, video and mobile ad inventories can be bought on CPM basis and the ad formats are compliant to IAB and international standards. This helps in maximizing the reach to targeted audience.

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