Hotmob Launches Video First View Ad Network for Premium Mobile Apps

Hotmob Launches Video First View Ad Network for Premium Mobile Apps

Video First View offers an advanced instant play feature that plays a video as soon as the user opens the app for  high visibility

Hotmob, the leading hybrid mobile advertising marketplace in Asia, launched Video First View Ad Network to curate selected premium mobile app and web inventories that comply with brand safety and can achieve viewable impressions.

Hotmob Launches Video First View Ad Network

Johnny Wong, CEO of Hotmob informs, “Advertisers continue to demand more premium video inventory with emphasis on ad position, editorial quality of the platform and viewability. Video First View Ad Network provides brand-safe environments where brands’ video ads will only appear on mobile apps or web platforms with appropriate content that is highly targeted to quality local smartphone users.”

Video First View offers an advanced instant play feature driven by Hotmob’s proprietary video technology for campaign’s high visibility. It instantly captures the user’s attention as soon as the user opens an app or mobile web page from the Video First View Ad Network, by playing the ad without a call-to-action button to start the video. The ad is positioned above the fold and it is visible on mobile screen for at least 3 consecutive seconds.

The mobile video ad unit achieves 100 percent viewability as it complies with MRC’s guideline for mobile viewable video ad impression.  Such video ad’s (push-based) can command higher CPM (cost per miles), which is why publishers are making more of their content available for digital advertisers to run brand campaigns on a mobile platform. Mobile video advertising now occupies the maximum share of advertisers’ spend compared to other digital advertising formats.

Brands are choosing mobile videos that allow them to convey a deep message in an impactful manner through the power of visuals on digital platforms. The average users now spend more time watching videos on mobile devices than watching traditional broadcast TV. 98% of 18- to 34-year-old users find themselves less distracted when watching videos on smartphones, according to Google’s research.

Founded in November 2007, the Hong Kong-based video ad tech company offers lucrative mobile advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers. It helps publishers discover advertising opportunities on the mobile Internet and monetize app mobile traffic. It is facilitated by proprietary advertising technologies and robust ad-serving platforms to meet the growing demand from businesses across Asia.

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