IAB Study: Desktop, Mobile and Mobile In-App Improves Cross-Media Ad Campaign Effectiveness

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released the “IAB Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study,” research, emphasizing the effect of including mobile advertisements with desktop ads to improve ROI from cross-media campaigns. The IAB study was conducted by Research Now in two parts to understand the following:

  • How do various media platforms relate when used in different arrangements to influence ad performance?
  • What is the effect of desktop and mobile channels on ad effectiveness?
  • What impact do desktop and mobile add to traditional media ad campaigns?
  • Which channels contributed what to overall ROI of an ad campaign?
  • Which best industry-centric practices can be assembled for cross-media campaigns?

The research was sponsored by Drawbridge, Discovery Communications, and YuMe.

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According to the IAB study, effectiveness of ad campaigns improves significantly when a combination of TV, desktop, mobile and web is utilized to create brand awareness. The research proves that media ad plans covering online and offline channels drive higher ROI across brand metrics than running ad campaigns over offline media alone.

via IAB Research Now study
via IAB Research Now study

“The findings from this study confirm to marketers the tremendous impact of the addition of digital to brand marketing campaigns,” said Anna Bager, Senior VP & General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB.

“As interactive screens take an even more central role in our lives, they need to become a fixture in the media mix. Digital is crucial if brands want to get the most out of any advertising investment.”

IAB examined five universal brands for the “IAB Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study”. They covered ad campaigns ran in five verticals – Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Media, Finance and Retail. Across brands and industry verticals, the effect of running mobile web, mobile app, and desktop ads were found to be positive in driving brand awareness and engagement.

via IAB Research Now study
via IAB Research Now study

The IAB study further reveals how brands generate higher brand engagement by running offline and online ad campaigns together. While digital advertisements are effective as a stand-alone element in some brand metrics, when combined with other media it becomes a quintessential part of reinforcement and remarketing campaigns.

For example, the analysis of certain campaign advertising in automotive segment registers brand lift of 19% when mobile web ads are combined with other media. Desktop with mobile web plus TV drove 211% lift in unaided brand awareness. For CPG food brand, the same combination drove 47% total campaign lift.

via IAB Research Now study
via IAB Research Now study

Research Now surveyed thousands of single-source independent panelists and more than 400 unexposed control respondents who viewed the five live ad campaigns over offline and online media. IAB Research Now examined the survey results using multi-touch attribution regression model to arrive at the conclusion. Research Now tracked digital exposure using first party cookies, mobile in-app device ID, and offline media OTS.

The IAB study, therefore, concludes that it is best to include desktop and mobile in all advertising campaigns. The advertisers should, however, keep a track on each ad campaign channel to optimize their effectiveness across various media.

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