Israeli Startup justAd Debuts First Fully Playable Ad Format

justAd’s Game Zone™ Enables Easy Customization of Module-Based Gaming Ads Without Coding

It’s no surprise that playable ads, or ads with interactive mini games, have been shown to drive far higher levels of engagement and better recall among mobile users. justAd, an Israel based startup which focuses on creative media rich ads for mobiles, today launched Game Zone™, a solution it claims is the first fully customizable playable ad platform for mobile ads. The company said the new platform will give game developers, ad agencies, DSPs and ad networks an opportunity to personalize gaming ads without writing a single line of code.

Unlike template-based playable ad tools available today, justAd says that Game Zone is an easy to use self-service platform which enables customization without any technical knowledge. “Deeply customized gaming ads have always required a immense amount of time and resources to create, but they are in high demand because they are effective for marketers and fun for users,” said Yariv Erel, co-founder and CEO at justAd. “Game Zone represents a first in our industry — a free, scalable opportunity to create real games, with logic and stages, that can be played within any ad opportunity.”

By studying more than 100 playable ad campaigns, justAd estimated that playable ads drive engagement rates averaging 50 clicks per ad, versus standard rich media ads that average approximately 3.5 clicks per ad. Playable ads also delivered better lifetime value (LTV) and nearly double ARPIs (Average Revenue Per Install).

justAd playable mobile ads

The platform is housed within justAd’s larger drag-and-drop mobile ad studio, Creative Factory™ and ultimately plans to offer up to 100 types of customizable games for users to develop. Launching with 15 game modules, Game Zone allows deep customization of branded games, including unique call to action features and a customized game engine designed to cater to both user acquisition and branding purposes.

justAd GameZone
Playable mobile ads by justAd

justAd creative ads platform is built on HTML5, including the new Game Zone technology, a factor that CEO Erel feels gives them a technology advantage over rivals like Chartboost, in the playable mobile ads niche. “A customizable playable ad platform has heretofore not existed because it is extremely challenging to create,” added Erel. “Our team spent months developing Game Zone because it delivers much better results, people simply love it and it’s a very tough tech challenge. We think it will change the mobile advertising landscape for the better.”

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