Programmatic Pricing Guide Projects 45%+ Price Increase for Mobile Ads by 2019

Programmatic Pricing Guide Projects 45%+ Price Increase for Mobile Ads by 2019

Goodway Group’s Second Annual Guide Predicts Price Increase Of 1 – 3% For Desktop Display Ads, Along With Other Key Trends in 2018

Goodway Group, the programmatic partner agencies trust to drive campaign performance and media efficiency, has released its Second Annual Insider’s Guide to Programmatic Pricing. The guide includes projections for programmatic pricing for the coming year, predicting a moderate price increase of 1-3% annually for desktop display media in 2018. Mobile advertising, however, will be the main driver of digital’s price hike, growing nearly 4% month-over-month with an expected overall price increase of over 45% by 2019. The mobile prediction includes display and video ads served on any mobile device, either in-app or in-browser.

According to the research, 76% of sales reps still need to manually update their CRM record after a call. On average they spend 34 minutes a day in data entry.

If we look at that over the course of a year, sales reps could rack up around 7,718 minutes on CRM record entry. That’s the equivalent of 129 hours or 17 complete workdays. Industry-wise, IT and telecoms spend the most time updating their CRM records, averaging 38 minutes per day. Companies that have the highest annual turnover, of £500 million or more, spend the most time making manual CRM updates, with an average of 38 minutes.

Jay Friedman
Jay Friedman

“Mobile advertising has been historically undervalued because it has been siloed or considered secondary to desktop. However, with consumer behavior shifting to mobile and advertisers shifting to people-based marketing efforts, it’s no surprise that prices for mobile ads are going way up next year,” said Jay Friedman, COO, Goodway Group.

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To inform the Guide’s predictions, Goodway Group’s data science team studied billions of bids placed and the average CPM price per week in the United States between January and September 2017. Using DSP raw impression files and classification to identify device types, the test included data from more than 10,000 campaigns, across every DMA in the country. In addition to programmatic pricing, the report predicts several trends to dominate the marketplace, including a greater focus on optimizing campaign performance through audience, recency and site, a shift towards valuing impressions individually through machine learning, and the rise of combinatorial bidding.

“Machine learning has taken programmatic bidding to the next level, allowing marketers to determine the best value for each impression. Advanced algorithms can crack the infinite number of possibilities that exist in programmatic auctions today,” continued Friedman. “Looking ahead, the emergence of these trends and innovations will allow digital media to continue to evolve.”
This marks the second annual programmatic pricing guide from Goodway Group. Last year’s 2017 Programmatic Pricing Forecast accurately predicted a 22% increase in programmatic display prices by 2018. Goodway Group is the programmatic partner agencies and advertisers trust to drive campaign performance and media efficiency.

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