YuMe Introduces Vertical Video Format for Publishers and Advertisers


Digital video branding platform YuMe, Inc. has announced a new immersive video format for advertisers. It is now providing an innovative immersive vertical video ad platform that will enable advertisers to monetize their ad campaigns more effectively. Advertisers can now fit in a wide range of video ads naturally, creating a powerful customer experience on mobile.

YuMe currently offers video solutions to advertisers and publishers, providing end-to-end marketing software to establish impeccable brand resonance with customers.

Marketers affirm that immersive ads resonate with mobile users more effectively than mono-axis video formats. Immersive video is already staged to be the “next big thing” in marketing technologyin 2017, even as YuMe released its report on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360-degree videos.

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The ad tech company’s report on Immersive Technologies reveals users paying more attention to immersive ads that provide full-screen video experience viewed in portrait mode. The new vertical video format for ads supports new video content as well as older repositories created for Android and iOS.

“Snapchat ignited the market for vertical video, and ever since we’ve seen a rapid and steady rise in adoption by leading apps and social platforms, primarily due to favorable consumer response to its more natural, immersive experience within mobile and app content,” said Tripp Boyle, VP of Emerging Platforms, YuMe.

Benefits of using YuMe’s vertical video ad format

  • Faster adoption of immersive video ads into existing landscape
  • No additional creative cost to build customized video ad inventory
  • Generate higher brand recall with enhanced customer experience
  • Seamless integration with all pre-existing cross-section video campaigns

According to Boyle, “Advertisers that are looking to embrace ‘mobile-first’ as an advertising strategy will likely lead with the vertical video adoption, and we’re already seeing that with many of our retail, auto and travel clients.”

Impact of Vertical Video Ad Formats from YuMe

Vertical videos are on a rise as marketers concede that they offer a ubiquitous omnichannel platform to shape brand image. Mobile is now every customer’s first device of engagement. Vertical video ads offer an exotic alternative to a marketer to create better interaction without forcing users to rotate their mobile by 90-degrees.

Vertical video ads register 9X more completed views than horizontal video ads. Considering the rise of mobile marketing in recent months, video advertising that users vie for a longer time ensures greater audience engagement. Digital advertisers using YuMe can embrace ‘mobile-first’ culture with vertical video ad formats as a standard across the industry. It will also bolster the adoption of programmatic in ad campaigns as videos turn more immersive.

Leading mobile apps, including Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope, Line, WeChat and Instagram offer user-friendly vertical video ad formats. However, YuMe is taking the new immersive concepts to new heights altogether, providing mobile-first video ad platform to achieve higher brand recall.

Before turning to vertical video ad platforms, advertisers should assess their audience group – device usage, customer experience and attribution. The cost of producing a standard vertical video ad requires a second edit with a separate video source. That’s where YuMe promises to deliver its services – No additional cost to recreate older videos.

As “vertical video” syndrome catches on, YuMe is perfectly poised to empower video marketers and publishers with its latest audience engagement tool – the cutting-edge vertical video ad setup.

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