AutoConx Turns the Tide for Local Businesses with

AutoConx Systems Turn the Tide for Local Businesses with
Keep It Local A multi-channel marketing tool and marketplace network,  will create new revenue for local publishers, local businesses, and organizations they serve

To provide local retailers with more local shoppers, AutoConx Systems launched in co-operation with coupon technology partner KooponIt. Built with AutoConx Systems new Marketplaces platform, the idea behind Keep It Local is to place a dynamic digital advertising tool in the hands of every merchant on main street America.

Rob Hage, CEO of AutoConX Systems says, “Local retailers post and promote their products and services using their smartphone.  Shoppers instantly receive real-time coupons and event notifications via the web, email, or text messages – from the businesses they want to follow. It is user choice in the Keep It Local world of coupons and notifications, and users love it.”

Each post triggers real-time notifications, real-time posting on local publishers’ sites and automatic posting in the Keep It Local network. This creates new revenue for publishers, the local businesses, and organizations they serve. It integrates proven advertising mediums into one simple solution by offering SMS text marketing and coupon creation, email marketing, website posting all on a real-time basis, in addition to social media marketing, traditional print or website display advertising. with its built-in reverse publishing tool allows brands to republish content to other sources or transform dealer’s inventory data from the web to print. This makes print advertising easy, effective and measurable.  Local merchants can track, grow and market in real-time to local customers, within their store, and in their traditional advertising methods.

Proprietary keywords for the merchant’s products and services, that form a deep association with the brand, are searched the most locally. With this new platform, the hundreds of existing AutoConX Systems media clients will be complemented with even more high-energy publishers who now can also stake their own exclusive territories with this exciting new platform, and shared network.

This is deemed as a unique opportunity for new and sustainable revenue not only for local merchants but also for local media and local communities in America. AutoConX Systems is a vertical website provider with more than 25 years of experience in publishing (and more than a decade in software solutions. It specializes in marketplaces, automotive, agriculture, recreational and heavy-duty equipment, also real estate and rentals.

On you can find the nearest local marketplace, and also find or sell automobiles. AutoConX caters directly to media companies for the businesses they serve.

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