FollowAnalytics Launches Mobile Optimization Suite, An AI-Based Mobile Messaging Technology

FollowAnalytics Launches Mobile Optimization Suite, An AI-Based Mobile Messaging Technology

The guessing game could well become a thing of the past for marketers. FollowAnalytics, the 1:1 mobile marketing automation platform launched AI-driven Mobile Optimization Suite to drive automated mobile marketing campaigns with better conversion rates. The newly unveiled suite is developed to solve the complexities of traditional A/B and multivariate testing.

“FollowAnalytics is proud to introduce machine learning to automate the process, and we will continue to find ways to innovate and improve mobile engagement for enterprise marketers, going forward,” said Samir Addamine, Founder-Chairman, FollowAnalytics.

Most martech leaders agree that 2017 will be the year of Mobile Marketing revolution. Pushing that thought is the growing relevance of innovating smart mobile messaging technologies to grow the customer base. As marketers scramble to prime up their mobile marketing strategies, online-influencing using messages top the list in delivering flawless customer experience. According to the “2016 State of Marketing” report by Salesforce Research, a majority of marketers rely on mobile app interactions and SMS usage to engage mobile users.

via Salesforce Research
via Salesforce Research

79% marketers acknowledge mobile marketing is a core element of business today. Almost 50% of them attribute primary revenue of their marketing efforts to mobile marketing. It is a speculation that predictive analytics and data science will power mobile messaging to leap ahead of email marketing. AI-powered split testing allows the marketers to gain deeper insights into customer behavior to build higher loyalty.

via FollowAnalytics

via FollowAnalytics

In December 2016, FollowAnalytics launched the 2017 Enterprise Mobile Marketers’ Conference Guide, “to help marketers identify and prioritize 2017 mobile marketing conferences.”

“One of the biggest challenges of developing a marketing roadmap for the upcoming year is identifying and deciding which conferences to attend and at what level to participate,” said Amy Abascal, Head of US Marketing at FollowAnalytics, during the release of the report in December 2016.

With the launch of Mobile Optimization Suite, FollowAnalytics becomes the go-to option for mobile app developers, enabling them to create positive touchpoints across devices, geographies, and other customer engagement channels. The new suite is packed with a series of innovative customer-centric messaging templates and mobile attribution capabilities.

Features of FollowAnalytics’ Mobile Optimization Suite

FollowAnalytics’ latest Mobile Optimization Suite leverages deep machine learning into in-app and push-messaging platform, helping marketers to establish more effective ways to engage mobile users.

  • Easy-to-manage multivariate testing
  • Automated segment-based optimization
  • Push message templates and classification based on customer experience
  • Optimized AI with scalable capabilities, linked to ROI

In addition to these tangible mobile marketing features, FollowAnalytics’ Mobile Optimization Suite also comprises of a highly intuitive message builder. This particular feature will allow the mobile message developer to pick engaging and content-rich elements like images, videos, and audio streams. These can be inserted into a diverse range of mobile messaging templates for pop-ups, native ads, banners and other personalized campaigns.

via FollowAnalytics
via FollowAnalytics

“Industries such as finance, retail, banking and travel are now sending push notifications to millions of app users through their mobile devices. Marketers need an intelligent product that allows them to run multiple testing campaigns simultaneously, guaranteeing the right message goes to the right user at the right time,” said Addamine.

FollowAnalytics is on an expansion mode, scaling up its product suites and staffs worldwide. In November 2016, the enterprise mobile success leader hired Carl Theobald as CEO and to the Board of Directors, announcing the company’s ambition to extend its leadership position in mobile martech landscape. The launch of Mobile Optimization Suite is a positive step forward in this direction.

Together with social media intelligence and monitoring tools, FollowAnalytics’ Mobile Optimization Suite is a handy tool to churn higher ROI from mobile marketing campaigns.

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