MobiBlue Introduces Comprehensive, Turnkey Mobile Marketing Platform to Connect With Customers “Where They Are”


After two years of development and beta testing, mobile marketing agency MobiBlue is ready for prime time. The agency offers a complete solution for small businesses looking to capitalize on the mobile marketing revolution. During its beta launch, MobiBlue worked with more than a dozen small businesses and delivered strong ROI for each campaign, most in double digits.

Fully-Managed 5-Point Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Program for Small Business
Fully-Managed 5-Point Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Program for Small Business

“Most companies still don’t quite have their heads around the enormous opportunity that mobile marketing represents,” says Cliff Story, CEO, and founder of MobiBlue. “When we deploy a mobile campaign, the across-the-board response we hear from our business owners is ‘Wow!’ The response we get from each mobile campaign is surprising; the numbers are off the charts. There has never been a marketing tool like the smartphone and nothing as effective. To stay competitive businesses will have to embrace mobile marketing — mobile is not an option, it’s an imperative.”

What sets MobiBlue apart from other agencies is its focus on the mobile arena and their unique, proprietary Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Platform. The platform includes state-of-the-art mobile technology packaged with four top marketing channels: Custom Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and SEO Marketing. It’s an “All-You-Need” marketing program priced for small business.

In addition to a feature-rich, cutting-edge mobile marketing program, all MobiBlue’s marketing plans are full-service and fully-managed. They design, execute and manage all aspects of the program so clients can focus on their business.

MobiBlue 5-Point Mobile Marketing Program
MobiBlue 5-Point Mobile Marketing Program

Mobile marketing may be new, but it will without question soon be the dominant must-have business marketing tool. In this blossoming industry, there are plenty of new players offering do-it-yourself “texting” programs. The problem with DIY approaches is they are limited in scope and lack a functional backend database. With a proper backend to collect/manage/manipulate and market to that database, businesses miss the real value to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is all about the database and what clients can do with that database.

Custom Mobile Apps with 65 Features like Geo-Fencing, GPS Coupons, Push-Notifications, Voice Broadcast, Shopping Carts and More!
Custom Mobile Apps with 65 Features like Geo-Fencing, GPS Coupons, Push-Notifications, Voice Broadcast, Shopping Carts and More!

MobiBlue’s multi-channel mobile marketing approach includes text messaging, push notifications, geo-fencing, appointment reminders, voice broadcasting, loyalty/rewards programs, shopping carts, and much more. Any campaign can be perfectly tailored to the needs of each business. Plus, MobiBlue offers full-service mobile app development at highly competitive prices. On the social media front, the agency provides a complete social media marketing program that includes daily postings of fresh content with graphics, videos, and promotions. Finally, MobiBlue develops and deploys email marketing campaigns that help to build the mobile database and reinforce a business’s message.

Businesses and organizations can get started with a complete mobile marketing program for just $195 per month with no contract to sign, and subscribers can scale down or scale up their commitment to suit their needs.

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