Tenjin Adds Attribution and Analytics Support for Google Daydream

Tenjin + Daydream

Measures app install campaigns and in-app behaviors on the popular Virtual Reality platform

Tenjin, the mobile marketing infrastructure company, today announced that it has added attribution and analytics support for apps on Daydream, Google’s mobile Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Now, app developers can track the effectiveness of Daydream app install campaigns and analyze users’ in-app behaviors in order to measure user’s lifetime value and maximize campaign ROI.

“For many app developers, VR represents the next great frontier, and Daydream is the perfect example of a platform that is easy to build for, provides a great user experience, and holds the potential for mass consumer adoption,” said Christopher Farm, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tenjin. “Our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of mobile marketing and app analytics, and we are very pleased to make our marketing infrastructure available to app developers on Daydream in order to help marketers get the most out of the platform.”

Tenjin provides a mobile marketing infrastructure designed to tie analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation together using a single dashboard. Marketers who use Daydream to create a flawless immersive customer experience now have the opportunity to track the source of every user with Tenjin’s mobile attribution. Tenjin users can also evaluate the combined ad spend, in-app revenue and ad revenue using TrueROI.

Tenjin TrueROI
Tenjin TrueROI

The company also offers a flexible, customizable data warehouse called DataVault that gives marketers direct access to user-level data so they can perform custom analyses without having to build their own data pipelines and warehousing solutions.

DataVault via Tenjin
DataVault via Tenjin

Tenjin is the first platform to combine advertising cost data with in-app payment revenue and ad revenue to provide marketers with the total ROI for each and every user.

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