Ogury Sees Tremendous Revenue Growth in the US in First Half of 2017


500% Revenue Growth Driven By Increased Advertising Sales Of Local And Global Campaigns To Us-Based Media Agencies And Brands

Ogury, the mobile data platform that provides the most comprehensive view of mobile user behavior globally, and the only platform offering a true picture of what people are doing on their mobile devices, in-app and out, announced that it achieved revenue growth in the US for the first half of 2017 of over 500%.  This growth follows $15 million in a Series B funding round from Idinvest, Ventech, CoVent Partners and ACG, last July for a total of $20 million raised since 2014.

Founded in 2014 with its first office in the UK, Ogury is one of the fastest growing mobile data companies in Europe, with over 400 million user profiles, in over 120 countries. Ogury entered the US market in September 2016 with the launch of its sixth global office in New York City. Over 700 different brands globally have worked with Ogury to date, running more than 5000 campaigns across 80 countries.

The funding secured in 2016 has facilitated tremendous growth for Ogury in the US and in the most recent half year, the Company has:

  • Increased US revenue by over 500% for the first half of 2017
  • Hired sales and marketing teams specifically for the US business
  • Increased its US footprint by opening offices in BostonChicagoDetroit and Los Angeles
Thomas Pasquet Ogury
Thomas Pasquet

Co-founder and CEO Ogury USA, Thomas Pasquet, said, “Expanding our presence in the US is a cornerstone of our global growth strategy. Ogury avails our customers a wealth of data that was previously inaccessible, allowing them to monetize their audience as never before. We provide a differentiated and unmatched offering in the US because of the unique data we generate from our 400 million user profiles.”

Pasquet added, “From 2014 to 2016, Ogury has seen global revenue increase by 2600 percent and we are profitable.  US expansion is key to our goal of reaching 1 billion mobile users within three years, and reinforcing our presence as the largest mobile data platform, with the most granular data, in the world.”

Evan Rutchik, US Head of Sales for Ogury commented, “We are pleased by the success of the US business, as we engage the advertising community on why we have the most powerful mobile targeting in the industry.  As the world’s largest advertising market, US growth is crucial and it is our goal to demonstrate to both existing and potential US customers that this powerful new mobile intelligence offering provides an unprecedented understanding of the complete mobile consumer journey.”

Rutchik added, “We don’t focus solely on what apps a user has installed on their phone. For Ogury, what is relevant is observing and appreciating how a consumer uses their phone (in terms of actual usage of all apps and all web activity,) enabling us to truly understand what ad content is most relevant to that user in that moment or in the future.”

How Ogury Works
Ogury is helping to solve the problem of irrelevant advertising by taking the guesswork out of mobile targeting.

Most mobile ad platforms have a limited view of user traffic; they identify sample audience behaviors and then target and re-target vast groups of ‘lookalike’ audiences based on assumed actions. The imprecise nature of this approach and the low quality of the datasets leads to poor consumer engagement and campaign performance.

Ogury addresses this issue with true and fully qualified device-level 1st party user data, identifying actual users rather than ‘lookalikes’. Its proprietary technology forms a complete picture of what users are doing on their mobile devices, and this insight enables advertisers to target consumers with highly relevant content at unprecedented levels of precision. Users are given control, they choose to opt-in to data generation, and can opt-out at any time.

Integrated within thousands of apps, Ogury’s proprietary data generation technology allows it to build over 400 million mobile behavior profiles across more than 120 countries. No other platform has access to device-level mobile data at this scale or accuracy.

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