S4M Partners With Factual to Measure Foot Traffic In-Store


S4M Is Now The First Saas Platform For Mobile To Measure In-Store Visit Attribution For Mobile Campaigns Worldwide

S4M, a leading mobile programmatic technology company, partnered with location data provider Factual to integrate its location data with S4M’s FUSIO platform, for clients worldwide.

factual-_-S4MFactual is a leading neutral data company that makes data accessible, accelerating innovation. Thousands of developers, publishers, advertisers, and enterprises use Factual’s location data, including some of the world’s largest search, mapping, and social platforms, leading publishers and advertising technology firms encompassing billions of dollars of ad spend, and global leaders in financial services and payments.

Fusio DSP Accurately Measures In-Store Footfall and Ad Engagement

FUSIO clients will be able to access Factual’s measurement offering, which enables advertisers to measure in store footfalls during campaigns and derive post campaign conversion and lift metrics for attribution.

Brands will now be able to understand how shoppers at various retail locations interacted with their mobile marketing campaigns, by measuring in-store footfall and ad engagement on a daily basis.

Christophe Collet
Christophe Collet, CEO at S4M

Christophe Collet, CEO, S4M, said, “Mobile is the only channel that can help brands bridge their online and offline marketing efforts. This partnership will give our clients a sophisticated level of location based audience targeting capability as well as live insights into their campaigns and optimise budgets accordingly. Instead of extracting campaign learning after the fact, advertisers can ensure their drive-to-store mobile campaigns are always successful and contribute to their overall business objectives.”

S4M and Factual Empower Advertisers to Engage with Highly Customized Audience Segments

Factual’s core capability is the ability to build high-quality data, driven by its ever-expanding network of data-sharing partners and its data stack that turns billions of pieces of information into clean, structured data.

The partnership will also enable advertisers to access Factual’s Geopulse Audience targeting solution within the FUSIO DSP, empowering them to reach highly customized audience segments based on real-world consumer behaviour.

“Factual’s location data, including more than 100 million local businesses and points of interest worldwide, is now fully integrated into S4M’s mobile-first DSP.”

Brands have the flexibility to reach and target location-based audience categories and chains such as hotels, sports venues, and restaurants directly from the FUSIO DSP. These features will be fully available for clients via S4M’s platform from October 16, 2017.

Mandeep Mason
Mandeep Mason, Managing Director, Europe, Factual

Mandeep Mason, Managing Director, Europe, Factual, said, “Factual’s location data is neutral and accessible, and continually validated against rigorous criteria. As advertisers invest increasing budgets into location-based mobile marketing, they need to ensure they’re receiving access to high-quality and transparent targeting, optimization and measurement capabilities, which this partnership will aim to provide.”

Currently, S4M offers innovative mobile advertising technology platform with MRC accreditations for post-ad measurements in mobile browsers and apps.

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