Five Successful Digital Campaigns

netline-corporationNetline’s 2017 State of Information Technology: Content Consumption and Demand Report deep dives into the research patterns of IT pros, offering insights into active IT personas and their content consumption trends. These professionals generated more than 459 million exhaust signals offering details into the in-market propensity, content appetite, and content velocity.

altifyAccount Planning is a sales best practice that allows companies to maximize revenue in key accounts. Altify launched a 6-month focused campaign to deliver Account Planning education through an Account Planning email course, delivered every day for 7 days, to educate sellers on the key benefits and the steps required to implement Account Planning.

The campaign targeted sales, front line sales management, sales operations and sales enablement. Success was measured by engagement that achieved an overall open rate of 49% and engagement of 17%.

instapageInstapage recently launched a new collaboration solution built on top of their landing page platform. It mainly targeted at marketing agencies working with multiple clients and large marketing teams, looking to build a lot of landing pages quickly.

They built targeted content and messaging for paid campaigns, social media, email, marketing automation, in app, an offline event, webinar training, video, and more. This launch led to a spike in sign-ups and rapid adoption. In less than one month, they averaged more than 500 new comments left on their landing pages per day.

mosaicoonMosaicoon has two main target-goals: marketing and creators. They lead the planning and execution of two different media strategies (cross-channel), with specific KPIs and advertising contents. They have a specific Marketing KPIs dashboard, to measure success and growth level.

EpiserverNamed after Amelia Earhart’s 1929 international organization of women pilots, Episerver created the ‘Digital Ninety-Nines’ project to to honor and observe the achievements of women in marketing and technology around the world.

The Digital Ninety-Nines initiative includes a series of interviews and input from high profile women across Amaze, Microsoft, IBM, and Provasi Capital, discussing their role and their achievements from their career. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Episerver were keen to raise awareness of the role that women can play in digital marketing and IT sector.

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