Five Successful Digital Campaigns


maropostMaropost targeted this year’s tradeshow season to focus their Maropost Sales Cloud and AI Da Vinci’s launch to synchronize with the success of their Maropost Marketing Cloud. They targeted people attending the conferences, but also those who fall into the look-a-like audience.

National InstrumentsNational Instruments ABM division designed pilots to test technologies against 3 of the 4 ABM models designed by SiriusDecisions.

For the named account pilot – we are seeking increased engagement
For the industry/segment pilot – we are seeking net new logo contact acquisition.
For the customer journey pilot – we are seeking platform expansion.

velocifyVelocify paired up with inside sale expert and USC professor, Steve W. Martin to analyze the persona of a top sales rep. The campaign that followed the report targeted the broader sales community and aimed at driving awareness around the traits common to top performing sales reps.

brandpointBrandpoint shares lessons on 130% RSVP rates for their webinar. Scott Severson repackaged a well-received presentation to a group of PR professionals into an article. They analyzed the success metrics from the blog post into a webinar on a topic they realized people wished to learn.

Martech expert Matt Heinz used Socedo to identify people who are talking about ABM, marketing automation and B2B sales. Socedo was again used to engage this target group with related information and it helped them increase by 200+ Twitter followers and 20+ new registered leads per day. Their social demandgen app helps assess opportunities for improvement in generating ROI from social media marketing programs.

Everyone can still take a lesson from KiteDesk, (they closed down not too long ago) who in their early days created and posted a list that was at number 1 position for a week at the same time as the Malaysian air crash on Forbes. Operating in guerilla mode at that time of their product’s evolution, their product would tell you the strength of the relationship on how well two people are connected by analyzing emails, calendar events and the relationships you had in common. They worked with a third party agency to create a list of the top 100 social marketers and social sellers. They looked at the breadth of each person’s network and their social network activity. These two factors helped gauge the entire reach of each person.

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