6 AI Tools to Scale Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

Amidst a competitive Content Marketing landscape, most marketers find it hard to get real results. The biggest challenge is to manage both quality and scale. In 2018, 47% of B2C, and 54% of B2B content marketers reported that the metrics they’re tracking are often not well-aligned with their overall goals. Why should you be a part of the struggling herd?

Artificial Intelligence can help you pace up and stay on top of your game. Here are some AI tools that can play a game-changing role for content marketers looking to create an impact:

1. Content Conversion Optimization

Getting the site visitors to sign-up is no piece of cake. Optimizing landing pages for the right copy and call-to-actions can be a lot of hard work, plus time-consuming too. Thanks to AI, you can create smarter, more audience-centric content. AI-powered content optimization helps rephrase the most relevant phrases in your content for optimum engagement and conversions.

You can use a tool like Atomic Reach to make the process of content optimization a breeze. The tool personalizes branded content by tracking and analyzing the audience’s needs and preferences.

Atomic Reach works to improvize several content types: blog posts, marketing emails, Google ad copy, product descriptions, and landing pages. The AI tool helps you save time on content creation and performance improvement.

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2. Automated Content Curation

An intelligent way to scale up Content Marketing is to automate content curation. Artificial Intelligence does away with the manual effort required to find the most share-worthy online content. Curata is an AI-Content Curator that researches and schedules trending niche-content. The tool allows you to add your summary, images, and brand-voice before sharing it on the preferred distribution channels. Feed your content preferences to narrow down the content that goes out from your brand’s social media pages and other promotional platforms. This resource-efficient automation tool is great for keeping your social media timelines active.

3. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing for content creation can be a long-drawn process but not anymore. Artificial Intelligence makes it easy to create social media images, blog graphics, and other marketing collateral in a jiffy. With a tool like Adobe Spark, you don’t need to be a professional designer to quickly churn out some terrific designs.

The Cloud-based tool is available on the web and mobile. It comes handy for creating web pages and slideshow videos as well.  The AI software comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use user-interface.

4. Personalized Content Distribution

Speaking of content, online users have ample choice. Brands that personalize content, stand a better chance of getting more followers. 67% of consumers say it’s important for brands to provide them with personalized experiences.

Keywee is a powerful content distribution tool that helps put branded content in front of the right audience? The software uses Natural Language Processing to understand your content. It analyzes past performance to know about the people who’re most likely to engage with your content. It creates many paid campaigns targeting different audience segments. Keywee uses Artificial Intelligence to create a number of paid post variations and to measure real-time content performance. It generates smart insights for future content-ideation and promotion. The tool is a perfect-fit for marketers looking to get results from paid content-distribution.

5. Content Workflow Management

Do you feel that team productivity is becoming a bottleneck to your content marketing success? With ContentStudio, you can manage content operations for all Marketing channels from a single dashboard. The AI-based content marketing suite simplifies content discovery, planning, publishing, collaboration, and analytics. It ensures a smooth and connected Content Marketing workflow.

ContentStudio comes with several out-of-the-box features such as custom topics, AI-powered captions, and automation recipes. The AI-tool helps you generate customized reports to help perk-up your social media and content marketing strategy.

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6. Email Personalization

Studies reveal that 87% of marketers prefer to use email marketing to nurture their audience. Rasa.io is an AI-powered Email Marketing tool that curates and personalizes newsletter content. You can use this tool to create custom user-profiles to create targeted campaigns and engage with prospects in real-time.

The Email Marketing software provides a dashboard to keep tabs on campaign results and consumer insights. To maintain a consistent voice, Rasa.io features your brand’s content alongside content curated from authoritative niche sources.

Over to You

As a content marketer, you can choose to get sleepless nights for lack of business outcomes or stay alert about the latest trends and keep going strong. Getting traction on branded content continues to be a challenge. Thanks to AI, marketers can get quick insights about industry trends and audience preferences.

Technology and tools ensure that publishing and distributing content, for achieving thought-leadership, can be achieved in much less time and with fewer resources. It allows marketers to scale up without losing out on quality.

Also, you can avoid a whole bunch of manual and repetitive tasks that are otherwise considered essential in a content marketing process. AI helps you to focus on the most important aspects of content marketing: strategic planning and creativity.

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