Citilabs Partners with Location Data Company SafeGraph to Enhance Streetlytics Mobility Analytics Platform

Streetlytics Mobility Analytics

Mobile Apps with Aggregated, Anonymized Background Location Data Add Rich Spatial Data to Streetlyticscitilabs+safegraphCitilabs, a leading mobility analytics solution provider, has announced that they have inked an agreement with location data provider SafeGraph to incorporate smartphone app movement data into Citilabs’ Streetlytics mobility analytics platform. Streetlytics leverages information from billions of GPS, cellular, connected car, Bluetooth devices and ground truth data to measure and paint a complete picture of the moving population.

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to the CEO of Citilabs Michael Clarke to learnhow Location Data from Streetlytics ties in with Intent Data to create a unified customer profile. Michael said, “Streetlytics is focused on understanding where, when, who and why people are moving. Understanding where, when and why and the characteristics of that population helps the OOH advertising sector to optimize location and messaging to the moving population and for brands to reach their target audience.  For example, a brand selling suntan lotion would love to understand how many people are going down particular roadways on a Saturday morning headed to the beach. Creating the tie-in to online, mobile and broadcast advertising to create a 360 degree view of the consumer is something we are working with partners to provide.

What Streetlytics Does

Specific to the advertising sector, Streetlytics enables the OOH industry to optimize pricing and location for advertising and brands. Michael explained the purpose of launching Streetlytics.

He said, “One of the great weaknesses of OOH has been the lack of rich audience data.  Streetlytics tells advertisers how many people see the ad by hour and day, their home locations, the origin and destination of their trip and why they are traveling.  It really revolutionizes the OOH industry. Streetlytics provides critical information in selecting location for retailers and commercial real estate.”

  • Streetlytics can identify the road segment which has the maximum number of morning commuters that do not currently drive by or near a convenient coffee shop.
  • Streetlytics can isolate a retailer’s true competitors based on the travel patterns of their target consumers instead of the old-school method of living within X miles of a location and provide that retailer a rich amount of information about the consumers passing by their location to optimize what products and brands they stock. That type of information can also be of great interest to the investment community in understanding the value of a location and how well businesses are located to drive profitability.
  • Streetlytics is also of value in designing new mobility services by providing comprehensive information on the market of people movement and certainly of great interest in the pricing of insurance products.

Citilabs’ Vision to Leverage AI/ML for Unified Data Management and Analytics

Clear about the roadmap for Citilabs, the CEO said, “Over time, AI/ML techniques are being used to recognize patterns and to predict the likely movement of people and vehicles. This information is of importance in providing better estimates of short-range traffic conditions for use in the optimal routing of vehicles in the AV future. That same information can be used by our business partners in advertising, retail and insurance.”

Industries as diverse as advertising, mobility services, insurance, real estate, and auto manufacturing are leveraging the power of Streetlytics.

It provides direct access to nationwide hour-by-hour moving population insights including origin-destination movements, home locations, road level volumes, speeds and travel routes.

The Citilabs CEOsaid,, “Citilabs is excited to be adding SafeGraph data into our Streetlytics solution. Every layer of data adds additional insights.  Including data of the quality SafeGraph provides is a real win for us and our clients.”

One of those clients is Geopath, a not-for-profit that provides state-of-the-art measurement to the out of home advertising industry.

Geopath President, Kym Frank, said, “We are truly excited about the addition of SafeGraph to the Streelytics solution. The data we are receiving from Citilabs is already quite robust, and the diversification of location data sources used in our methodology will only increase the resolution of the industry’s population measurement.”

Currently, SafeGraph maintains the world’s largest and most accurate dataset on human movement, to power both machine learning and human analysts. SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman, said, “SafeGraph’s goal is to fuel companies interested in answering difficult questions related to human movement. To be included in the Citilabs’ Streetlytics solution is a great indication that we are succeeding in that goal. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Citilabs.”

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