Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring DatChat, ListenFirst, Zuora, Neustar and more!

For marketers who miss out on adopting the right kind of martech features, they face the threat of losing marketing traction in a competitive market. What should B2B marketing teams do to ensure they know what martech can marketing process can strengthen impact? Find out more from this weekly highlight:


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On the flip side, marketers who don’t adopt new technologies will miss out on opportunities to engage their buyers in exciting new ways, including demoing products virtually and interacting with clients online in the same personalized way they would in person. From press conferences to massive trade shows, new technologies and the metaverse will play a crucial role in making large, virtual events truly immersive for enterprises—and marketers need to adapt accordingly.

Scott Ernst, CEO of Drift

Top MarTech News of The Week: 22nd August to 26th August 

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Ignore the metaverse at your own peril. Remember when Twitter was called microblogging, and crypto was just for dark web transactions? It wasn’t all that long ago. The technology world is evolving at an incredible clip and it’s our daily job to stay on top of what’s happening in our business. Falling behind on trends and culture is not an option for today’s marketer.         Tim Ayers – CEO, North America at Hogarth Worldwide


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