Not a Hype: Cross-Channel Messaging Can Boost Engagement by More Than 800%

Not a Hype: Cross-Channel Messaging Can Boost Engagement by More Than 800%

New Study Finds That Using a Cross-Channel Approach Increases User Engagement by More Than 9X

The maker of finest customer lifecycle engagement orchestration tool, Appboy (soon to be Braze) analyzed more than 300 million user profiles globally to understand the impact on user engagement via cross-channel messaging. The company found that using a cross-channel approach increases user engagement by more than 9X!

As customer and brand interactions move online and borders between digital platforms become less distinct, customer engagement silos are becoming an increasingly serious issue for brands—in fact, Gartner predicts that these silos will be one of the top three causes of customer dissatisfaction for enterprises by 2020.

Yet, even with the ability to connect data in real-time, marketing teams often operate in silos, missing valuable connections with consumers, in turn producing disjointed customer experiences.

The study clearly identifies the difference cross-channel campaigns have on user engagement and overall marketing performance.

What’s astonishing is that email and mobile marketing, working in tandem, have a higher engagement rate than working in silos. As per the report, email and mobile teams working together across companies to deliver messages see 3X more engagement than teams operating in silos. Pairing email with a complementary channel such as in-app messages can increase engagement by 185%, compared to sending email alone!

These findings epitomize the spirit of the company’s new name, Braze, which stands for uniting disparate things into a cohesive whole especially as it relates to data, technology, and teams.

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Achieve Transformative Results with Cross-Channel Messaging Campaigns

Cross-channel campaigns can have a profound impact on customer engagement. In fact, users who received cross-channel messaging from brands saw engagement rates as much as 844% higher than individuals who were sent no messages.

That’s not just a nice boost—that’s transformative.

Coinciding with their official unveiling of new Braze branding, the company is showcasing how they work to unite people and brands like Citi Global Cards, Postmates, Urban Outfitters and more to build long-term relationships.

The latest analysis examined the number of app sessions, campaigns received, campaigns opened (push and email), campaigns clicked (email and in-app messaging) associated with more than 300 million user profiles with a first session occurring in July of 2017. The engagement was defined for the purposes of this analysis as the number of app sessions logged by a given user; engagement statistics were calculated at the user level and averaged across the app group level.

A Game-Changer, Cross-Channel Impacts Marketing Results More than Single-Channel Messaging

The report advises marketers to move away from the siloed approach and not let blinkered strategies limit email effectiveness. To rise above the distraction, brands must create cross-channel messaging campaigns that meet modern definitions of omnichannel customer experiences.

Not a Hype: Cross-Channel Messaging Can Boost Engagement by More Than 800%
via Braze (previously Appboy)

For brands, there is a major opportunity to increase engagement and strengthen brand loyalty using so-called “push” messaging channels—such as email and push notifications— to re-engage customers who aren’t yet in the habit of engaging regularly on their own. Our analysis found that these kinds of channels are most effective at driving that kind of loyalty when they’re used as part of a cross-channel approach that also includes a “pull” channel like in-app messages.

When push is paired with in-app messages, for instance, users engaged at a rate 224% higher than individuals who have been targeted for push messages alone. There’s a similar dynamic playing out in connection with email, where adding in-app messages was associated with a 185% jump in engagement, compared to users who received email alone.

Thoughtful Personalization Key to Inspire Manageable Customer Actions

Unlike traditional marketing that forced customers to behave as the market wanted, the current league of brand champions creates experiences based on historical interactions with the customers.

By breaking silos with cross-channel strategies and building borderless engagement across channels not only empowers customers to pick the best option but also customer experience managers in transforming strangers into loyal friends and brand advocates.

With its new name, Braze, the complete lifecycle relationship management company inspires brand to create experiences that resonate the best with customers.

Not a Hype: Cross-Channel Messaging Can Boost Engagement by More Than 800%

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