Screen6 Announces Preferred Partner Program for the Hub


Cross-Device Identity Platform Enables Third-Party Integration Capabilities With Leading Technology, Network and Processing Partners

Screen6, the leading provider of cross-device ID management technology, announced the first wave of its preferred partners for The Hub – a centralized solution and data distribution point that allows clients to easily analyze their audience across devices and platforms.

Screen6 is the global leader in cross-device ID technology. Since its inception in 2012, the company has developed its service suite to cover more than 30 of the leading AdTech, MarTech, and research platforms by identifying the missing link in their data – which devices belong to the same person.

“Future-proof” Businesses can Join S6’s Hub Program

At the time this announcement, we spoke to Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer at Screen6, who said, “The Hub is a distribution point for vendors in marketing and advertising technology with unique assets. While Screen6 provides an unbiased platform and does not own any data itself nor participate in any buying or selling of media, it does want to ensure the longevity of its ecosystem by only partnering with businesses which are future-proof.”

Consumer Privacy

Screen6 is determined to ensure that any potential partner of The Hub adheres to the same level of consumer privacy as Screen6 does globally. Considering that businesses not limited by geography, Screen6 has sought partners who are setting new norms and do not necessarily rely on old industry standards such as cookie-syncs.

Keith said, “As we onboard each partner we are looking to fill each piece of the puzzle perpetuating a stronger industry solution in the long-run.”

Joining the Hub Improves and Standardizes Cross-Device Graphs

The Hub applies the same methodology that the industry is accustomed to when working with Screen6.

Keith explained that Screen6’s focus on privacy compliant data collection, data normalization without reliance on out-dated cookie-syncs, standardizing server-to-server transfers. Keith added, “Each of our clients’ individual graphs far exceeds the industry standards when looking at precision and coverage. This is accomplished due to our ability to work offline without a reliance on a piggy-backed pixel.”

How Does This Benefit Cross-Device Identity Management?

Screen6 takes a unique approach to process each graph on a daily interval. Keith said, “Our graphs have higher coverage and incorporate the most up-to-date data. The Hub’s approach to data interoperability and cross-device identity management are positioned to be as future-proof as the data vendors we seek to partner with.”

Screen6 has named Airpush, Grapeshot, Kochava Collective, ShareThis, and Throtle, as partners whose technology and data assets are now connected through The Hub and would leverage Screen6’s proprietary technology.

Designed primarily for advertising and marketing technology companies, Screen6 Hub’s capabilities are a unique integration match for other best-in-class providers.

Teaming up with the best-in-class vendors demonstrates Screen6’s commitment to elevating integration within the industry. This is why Screen6 has introduced a Preferred Partner Program to bring together the top technologies in the industry, building the leading cross-device data ecosystem for advertisers and marketers.

The Hub offers a number of tools and efficiencies that result in better accessibility and interoperability for clients’ own datasets, both internally as well as externally when collaborating with partners. The Hub provides the necessary connections and standardized contracts with both supply and demand partners. By providing a single point of integration, The Hub allows for clients to directly connect with select vendors to analyze areas of their data that can be extended through partner data assets, as well as recommendations as to which data partners should be selected to optimize their business.

Screen6 then enables clients to attribute and analyze people’s activities anywhere within a digital environment.

Chris Stark
Chris Stark

Chris Stark, SVP Product Management, Grapeshot, said, “Grapeshot integrating with The Hub sees us assisting with the enrichment of cross-device graphs. This enables marketers to synthesize raw data feeds for both Identity Management and Behavioral Audience enhancement, providing live context of audience digital content consumption patterns, by user, across each of their devices.”

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