Seismic Collaborates with Microsoft to Increase Sales Productivity and Content ROI for Large Enterprises

Seismic Will Leverage Microsoft Azure Machine Learning And Microsoft Cognitive Services To Add Artificial Intelligence For Marketing And Sales Enablement Solutions

Seismic, a global leader in marketing and sales enablement, announced a series of major product updates that bolster existing integrations with several Microsoft services. In addition, Microsoft AI and search functionalities are being integrated across the entire Seismic platform.

Seismic LiveInsights is available to Seismic customers today. Seismic for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 with new features will be generally available soon.

What drove Seismic to tap further into Azure for AI and Dynamic Search?

Microsoft Azure has long been a boon for Seismic product innovation. Their continued pace of innovation, and especially now in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence, provides the perfect platform for Seismic to collaborate and sustain their growth.

Doug Winter, Seismic CEO and co-founder, said, “Microsoft has a storied history of increasing productivity and efficiency across the enterprise via innovative new technologies. Our relationship with Microsoft allows Seismic to further tap into those technologies and sense of innovation, building out a platform that continues to lead the way in helping sales close bigger deals and marketing have their impact felt on the bottom line.”

Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp, said, “AI promises to be a boon for sales and marketing efforts of large enterprises, increasing efficiencies for both teams while improving execution by adding additional layers of automatic data analysis. We are excited to work with Seismic in this regard and are looking forward to seeing further product innovation come out of their leading sales and marketing enablement platform.”

Microsoft Cognitive Services Inclusion in Seismic to Improve Sales Enablement Methodologies

Marketing and sales enablement is all about increasing sales content ROI and enabling sales reps to be as productive as possible to close larger deals.

Jason Fidler from Seismic explained how Seismic is always looking to capitalize on the newest, most innovative technologies available to ensure that both of those goals can optimized with technology.

Fidler said, “When we look at artificial intelligence, we look at how it can help take away manual, time-consuming processes that detract from marketers’ ability to improve content and sellers’ ability to focus on selling. We also look at how it can uncover insights that are not easily or quickly detectable by humans, making all teams involved in driving revenue smarter and more thoughtful with the help of technology.”

ABM Practitioners to Benefit from an AI-Enabled Seismic Product

ABM is all about close collaboration between sales and marketing reps, and there are a number of features within Seismic that naturally lend themselves towards ABM efforts. Fidler informed how WorkSpace collaboration and content collection feature allows for teams to come together and perfect presentations and content in advance of important meetings. The NewsCenter feature automatically delivers the right, curated news and information to the right sales rep while blocking out information that is not relevant to their target buyers or accounts.

Credit- Jason Fidler at Seismic

Fidler said, “Engagement analytics, such as the ones accrued through our LiveSend technology, ensures that reps are in the know in real-time in terms of what content buyers are engaging with, helping inform future interactions.”

Overview of Seismic’s Latest Integration with Microsoft Azure

The product upgrades being rolled out by Seismic include—

Seismic for Microsoft Dynamics 365

In addition to offering the entire Seismic platform from within Dynamics, Seismic is integrating a predictive content engine to automatically rank the most relevant content for the seller and the buyer at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Sellers will also be able to see why content was recommended without even opening it, as Seismic for Microsoft Dynamics will automatically surface actionable data for each piece of content—such as usage, popularity, and buyer interest based on contextual data from the Dynamics record.

Seismic’s predictive content engine harnesses Microsoft Dynamics data to showcase the most relevant content for the seller, the buyer, and the buyer’s journey. The engine uses data such as which pieces of content were effective in similar prior interactions to ensure that the seller always has the best piece of content and information at his or her fingertips in advance of every interaction.

Our integration with Dynamics also helps streamline the process of personalizing content via Seismic’s LiveDocs® technology, automatically curating content options based on Dyanmics data which the seller can then choose from.

Seismic LiveInsights

Built on Microsoft Power BI, Seismic’s LiveInsights analytics suite now provides unprecedented visibility into the effectiveness of sales content efforts by automatically surfacing data on platform adoption, content usage, and buyer engagement into one comprehensive data platform. The result is a platform for marketing teams to capture the intelligence needed to make continuous sales content improvements, and for sellers to harness real-time insights wherever they are into how prospects are engaging with content.

Seismic LiveInsights
Credit- Jason Fidler at Seismic

Seismic WorkSpace

Seismic’s virtual collaboration and coaching platform for marketing and sales teams will be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, allowing marketers and sellers to edit and revise content such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents from within the Seismic platform in addition to providing annotation, comments and feedback capabilities. The upgrade adds further value to a feature which won Gold for Best Collaboration Solution in the 2017 Stevie® Sales and Customer Service Awards.

Winter said, “Marketing teams looking to create the most valuable content possible have long relied on Microsoft Office 365, and sales teams using Microsoft Dynamics 365 have come to see it as one of their most valuable assets in moving prospects through the sales cycle. These new integrations with Seismic will open up a world of opportunities for both teams’ efforts with these products.”

Seismic taps further into Azure for AI and dynamic search

Having been built and scaled on Azure, Seismic has now incorporated additional Azure offerings into their sales and marketing enablement platform.

First, Seismic has integrated Azure Machine Learning into its current proprietary artificial intelligence functionalities to further increase productivity of sales teams and the ROI of sales content. Areas such as the automated tagging and organization of content, delivery of content to sales reps, and accelerating onboarding and sales training are among the first areas of the platform to be bolstered by machine learning, with additional capabilities planned.

Seismic will also use Microsoft Cognitive Services to upgrade content search functionality by adding image recognition and speech to text translation within video content, taking advantage of Bing Speech API and Computer Vision API. The new search functionality will also ensure that all required information and data associated with each piece of content hosted in Seismic—such as usage and effectiveness stats and information as to when and why it should be used—will surface alongside content wherever it appears throughout the Seismic platform, further decreasing the time and effort on the part of the seller to determine the most relevant materials in any interaction with a customer or prospective customer.

Currently, Seismic is the leading global marketing and sales enablement solution, improving close rates and delivering larger deals for sales while increasing marketing’s impact on the bottom line. Large enterprises use Seismic to increase sales productivity through the automatic distribution of relevant information and personalized content to reps for any buyer interaction. Powerful content controls and visibility into usage ensures brand integrity and reduces risk. Seismic’s machine learning and analytics capabilities continuously improves the entire enablement process for large enterprises, increasing the ROI of sales content and tying it directly to revenue.

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