Dreamforce TechBytes with Phil Dixon, CEO, ZynBit

Phil Dixon ZynBit
Phil Dixon

Phil Dixon
CEO, ZynBit

Salesforce Dreamforce is one of the biggest software conferences in the world. In the run-up to this event, we unveil our special TechByte series featuring high-profile Dreamforce attendees and MarTech Champions. We spoke to Zynbit CEO, Phil Dixon, about his expectations from the conference.

MTS: What tops your agenda at Dreamforce 2017?
Phil Dixon: Connecting with customers and partners to share, learn and collaborate on the future of sales intelligence, workflow efficiency, and increased Salesforce Adoption.

MTS: Tell us more about how Salesforce customers could leverage ZynBit products for higher ROI?
Phil: The most common and basic uses of Salesforce are tracking opportunities and customer interactions, yet it’s actually difficult for most companies to get accurate reporting and analytics for either.  For sales management, ZynBit automatically collects customer interactions from emails, calendars, web visits and phone calls, integrating with pipeline activity reporting and forecast validation.  For sales or service reps, ZynBit lives inside the inbox making it easier to update important customer information or create opportunities while at the same time surfacing customer insights from email tracking, web visitor tracking or CRM history.  The end goal is to combine productivity with intelligence to help companies “Win with Data”.

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MTS: What are the key areas for marketers to work on to become a CRM Hero?
Phil: Marketers need to know 3 fundamentals; 1) Which leads are high quality vs low quality?  2)  Which leads convert to revenue?  3) What information are our prospects and customers most interested in?  With ZynBit, marketers can see what happens to a lead after it’s converted.  How many meetings were involved.  How many emails sent to and from the sales person.  What collateral was shared.  Who else on the buyer side became involved during the evaluation and purchase process and what was their role. Specifically, what web content is most visited during the sales cycle.  Today marketing systems typically measure campaigns, click rate and lead conversion whereas there is a significant amount of useful data that can be gathered during the sales process to help analyze campaign effectiveness through sales activity.

MTS: In the age of Customer Experience, how does ZynBit enable customers to become transformational leaders?
Phil: Customer Experience is only as good as how well you understand your customer, ideally having a 360º view.  Let’s simplify CX by describing it as a linear path; Anonymous > Lead > Pre-Sales > Customer > Evangelism > Repeat Customer.  ZynBit helps identify anonymous web visitors (people who have not filled out a form or are receiving marketing emails).  ZynBit tracks and collects sales interactions.  ZynBit helps customer service and support teams see pre-sales interactions, emails and shared documents as well as enter support cases, project tasks and capture related communications and meetings.  When you have a complete history of customer interactions and you can easily view service tickets and project status, you can easily identify your happy and healthy customers, who should be tapped to become evangelists and the ones who aren’t, target them with customer success efforts. When we think about CX at ZynBit, we follow a very simple formula to achieve the best possible customer experience; 1) Collect as much customer data as possible 2) Build customer-centric process around your key data points 3) Measure, analyze and improve your customer-centric processes.  Lastly, validate that your process is truly customer-centric by including their feedback as you measure and analyze.

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MTS: What makes ZynSync a revolutionary product for tracking and syncing customer interactions?
Phil: ZynSync is two-fold.  First, it collects and sync’s data between emails systems and Salesforce. This isn’t completely unique, however, the sync intelligence can be applied to ensure the information is related to existing Salesforce records. This is important for two reasons; 1) For reporting and analytics to roll-up activity data that needs to be related to the right Salesforce record.  2) Junk or unrelated data is just noise, which is the opposite of insightful.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Phil.
Stay tuned for more insights on marketing technologies. To participate in our Tech Bytes program, email us at news@martechseries.com

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