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TechBytes with Alex Withers, Chief Marketing Officer, inMotionNow

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Alex Withers

 Alex Withers
Chief Marketing Officer, inMotionNow

inMotionNow recently integrated with the Adobe Experience Cloud. We spoke to Alex Withers, CMO, inMotionNow, to understand what this integration means for the marketing and creative departments of firms.

MTS: How would this integration with Adobe enable businesses to turn to content automation?
Alex Withers: To answer this question, readers first have to understand how creatives and marketers use these two technologies. The inMotion product streamlines and automates administrative steps along the creative workflow process – from the initial request and creative brief – to review and approval.  This facilitates greater transparency and collaboration between marketing and creative which gets creative assets into campaigns faster where they can drive revenue for the business. Many of our customers use the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a digital asset management (DAM) tool, to manage, store and then publish creative/content assets to the market.

Before this integration, when a creative team member or project manager wanted to either attach a legacy file to a project or upload an approved asset to AEM, they’d have to download it from one tool and upload it to another. This introduced risk in asset version control and added clicks. This integration eliminates this administrative hassle.

We’ve done quite a bit of work across DAM tools. For example, in October, we published an integration to Brandfolder and enhanced our integration with Google Drive. These add to a growing list of file storage and DAM integrations inMotionNow has already developed including Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, Google Drive, Adobe Experience Manager, Brandfolder, Canto Cumulus, Canto Flight, inRiver, Egnyte, Webdam and Widen.

MTS: What are the key features that would delight marketers to explore this platform for email marketing, social media and customer experience management?
Alex: Marketers need a streamlined and efficient workflow with their creative colleagues if they stand any chance of keeping up with the volume, velocity, and variety of content demanded in a modern marketing machine without impacting quality, which is critical in cutting through the multi-channel noise. inMotionNow is specifically designed to overcome common workflow hurdles like inaccurate project briefs, inefficient project management and confusing and ROI draining review and approval cycles.

inMotion enables marketers to brief and review all assets types in a single intuitive cloud-based environment. From simplifying video review with interactive time stamp annotations to threaded intelligence providing context for email review from any marketing automation platform, inMotion is designed for the way marketers and creatives work together to get world-class content to market, improving the customer experience and driving business results.

In fact, our data shows customers typically accelerate creative projects by 76%. In essence, high-value creative campaigns take one-quarter of the time to produce with the benefit of creative workflow automation.   As I’m prone to say, creative brilliance can’t drive revenue if it’s locked up in a creative brief, stalled in review, or forgotten on someone’s laptop.

MTS: How would B2B marketers benefit from this adoption?
Alex: Just as with the B2C sector, B2B marketers are faced with vast complexity in the modern, multi-channel go-to-market (GTM) machine. All marketers find themselves in the position where they need to produce more targeted content, more quickly for a variety of formats, all without sacrificing quality. Quality creative has a proven track record – research suggests that businesses that invest in creative are 85% more likely to be financially successful. So the attraction of spending more budget on more media channels is counter-productive if your creative engine can’t fuel those channels.

MTS: What are the AI-driven capabilities that inMotionNow intends to capitalize on with Adobe Creative Cloud?
Alex: The inMotion product focuses on important fundamentals of the creative process – we’re not capitalizing on an AI capability per se. Adobe does an incredible job in providing a range of AI capabilities that help creatives at specific steps along the creative production and design process. inMotion complements this by supporting how creatives interact with the business from initial request to approval. Our goal at inMotionNow is consistent with the Adobe goal for the cloud we heard at the Adobe MAX conference – accelerate the pace of content creation while supporting the creative process, that is what makes inMotionNow and Adobe such a strong partnership.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Alex.
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