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TechBytes with Mona Yousry, Chief Data Scientist, SABIO Mobile

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Mona Yousry

Mona Yousry
Chief Data Scientist, SABIO Mobile

In August, Sabio Mobile hired Mona Yousry as Chief Data Scientist. We spoke to her to find out how she see the sector and where the AI/ML sector is headed.

MTS: Tell us about your role at SABIO and the team you handle?
Mona Yousry: My role at Sabio is to lead the ML/AI efforts to continue the development and improvement of App Science, our Predictive AI engine that is able to profile the multi-dimensional aspects of behaviors and habits.

MTS: How does APEX provide customers with better targeting capabilities for mobile?
APEX provides ad serving and campaign builder tools. This is the HEART of providing successful campaigns for our customers.  Embedded in APEX is the Science and Predictive AI engine, that is the BRAIN powering Sabio’s operations. Through the data analysis of numerous data points performed by App Science that include the apps a person has downloaded on their device and their location, our APEX platform provides better targeting capabilities by delivering ads to those unique consumer audiences identified with App Science and its predictive ability. Not only delivering ads to existing target consumers but also identifying the probability of a future consumer as well.

MTS: How do you work with “Semantic Grid Computing” at SABIO?
Mona: The idea of the grid is the ability to analyze unstructured big data that is multivariate in nature which requires computing in close to real time.  That is the essence of Sabio’s App Science.

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MTS: What are the key differences between location data, proximity data and customer ID data? How do they provide a complete picture of how mobile users behave or move along the buyer’s journey?
Mona: Our data analysis journey takes many dimensions as does the buyer’s journey.  Location data, proximity data, and customer ID data, such as their App profile, are all mapped to a time window and triangulated with multiple signals to improve accuracy.  As a buyer moves through the sales funnel or buyer’s journey, their movement from interest to desire and purchase/action are exemplified in many cases by their downloading and use of certain apps and visits of locations. The idea is to provide relevant information and ads to user ids that is consistent with their likes, habits and behaviors as they move along their journey towards a purchase.

MTS: What is the foundation of geo-story technology at SABIO?
Mona: The geo story is one dimension of how we understand behaviors and profiles. Because App Science is a Predictive AI technology, the ability to analyze a person’s location history or geo-story for probabilistic location patterns provides another layer of information unique to mobile devices.

MTS: In a mobile-first era, how do AI/ML technologies come together to drive customer engagement?
Mona: It is simple…we need to understand trends to provide relevant information AI/ML develop patterns and topics that emulate human thinking.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Mona.
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