TechBytes with David Zapletal, Chief Innovation & Media Officer at Digital Remedy

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TechBytes with David Zapleta, Chief Innovation & Media Officer at Digital Remedy

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Digital Remedy.

As Chief Innovation & Media Officer, my role is to keep Digital Remedy, and our clients, at the forefront of the convergence of media and tech, finding ways to ensure our platforms, systems, and tools are best equipped to ensure success for our clients campaigns as well as to maintain full integration of all data streams so that we can optimize and help our clients with real-time business decisions.

How is the direct to consumer economy working to change how all brands engaged in traditional digital media like display? 

The direct to consumer economy disrupted the complacent execution of media and messaging to the would-be consumer. Brands now have to restrategize their approach with a more tailored messaging based upon where the consumer rests in their journey and their media consumption. So, a proper Omnichannel strategy with a targeted story to guide the consumer into a Sale is extremely important.

Is there a silver bullet for combining media data to develop Business Intelligence?

If you can utilize terministic data against the media, it will provide insightful data versus probabilistic intelligence.

Will we ever have a real-time data feed that is universal to all media types and placements?

A universal feed, yes. Real-time, what is real-time?  Less than one second is not possible in today’s environment.

As traditional/linear media channels (like OOH and Radio) become more digital, what technologies exist today to help marketers make the leap to testing the digital counterparts?

We have seen exponential growth with programmatic DOOH and radio. Due to their infancy and high demand, you can expect the murkiness of the media without full transparency. Eventually, it will evolve just like the rest of digital media.

When determining the true impact of a brand’s campaign, how are marketers using technology to test data, insights, and measurements to track performance?

I am not a marketer of a brand. If I was, I would utilize a few analytics tools that have multi-attribution support to fine-tune the reporting around a brand’s campaign.

What is the one piece of advice you have for today’s brands when it comes to prepping for the future of AdTech and digital media?

Never underestimate the power of your data coupled with walled garden data to synthesize exponential performance.

Before graduating in 2005 with degrees in Retail and Consumer Science (with an emphasis in eCommerce) and a Minor in Public Business Administration at the University of Arizona, David Zapletal had already successfully grown a start-up ad network from serving an initial 1 million impressions per day to over 10 million impressions per day. It was his deep understanding of internet advertising during the industry’s beginning stages that led him to another startup at the time, CPXi. More than 8 years have passed and Zapletal currently serves as Chief Innovation & Media Officer for Digital Remedy.

In that role he continues to help grow and implement optimization tactics across various ad serving platforms, oversee daily operations of the account management and trafficking groups and maximizes ROI for Direct Response advertisers as well as for Publishers. Outside of Digital Remedy, Zapletal commits his efforts to an organization called Camp Dream Street, a camping program for children with disabilities, where he serves on the Board of Directors.

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