With 85% of marketers saying their account-based marketing (ABM) programmes are outperforming other marketing strategies, ABM has emerged as a leading approach for engaging business-to-business buyers and converting them to customers. But, putting ABM methodology into practice is challenging, and successful execution requires rethinking traditional Lead Gen tactics for quality rather than quantity. That’s why webinars are ideal for ABM — marketers can easily create personalised content experiences at scale, drive engagement across target accounts and deliver actionable insights to their sales counterparts.


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In this whitepaper, we’ll explore:

  • Why there‚Äôs a need for account-based marketing (ABM)
  • What the ABM model is, and a deep dive into how and why it works
  • What the rise of ABM means for the traditional demand gen model
  • How webinars help with ABM
  • How to set the foundation for webinar-driven ABM

Download this whitepaper to learn how webinars can help jumpstart and optimise your ABM strategy today.

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