AI startup Wizer releases marketing survey platform


Wizer, an Israeli startup, incubated by market researcher Neilsen has launched its consumer research platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your business questions and provide fast, affordable and in-depth market insights. Wizer feels that by facilitating research and insight collaboration across the organization, it supports better data-driven decisions.

As a marketer, you define goals in the Wizer platform, which then pulls questions from a list pre-written by real people. With no further input from the marketer it creates an online questionnaire of 25-30 questions. These are then offered to an online panel of paid respondents from the UK-based firm Lucid. Their responses are analyzed to create a report, and it is this mix of machine and human analysis that Wizer claims offers massive time and cost benefits over traditional agencies. The marketer can also review and intervene in the process via key steps.

Wizer currently has over 20 customers across Israel, Europe and the US, including Sodastream, Syneron Candela, baby toy maker TinyLove and plastics manufacturer Keter. Unlike competitors like UK based Zappistore, Wizer offers automated customization and customer specific benchmarks.

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